Campus Student Reviews

Campus Student Reviews

At Campus, students come first. But don't take it from us – hear from real students from the Campus online associate in business program.

"Campus has gone above and beyond to assure their students are taught, mentored, and assisted by some of the greatest professors from top schools in the country… They have shown themselves committed and they represent Campus core values. I couldn't have been admitted by a better school!"

Jamora W. (Sept '22 Cohort) • Richmond, VA • 1/28/2023

“By offering classes taught by incredible professors from around the country, I feel like I'm able to get a world-class education from my little apartment. Outside of the virtual classroom, the Campus team has gone above and beyond to make this educational experience incredibly accessible for me.”

Hannah B. (Jan '22 Cohort) • Rockwall, TX • 5/4/2022

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"I want to have my own business and I think this helps a lot. For me, I work on the weekends, and Campus classes are during the week. Everything is perfect and I have more time to do other things!"

Kanyarat S. (Sept '22 Cohort) • Alexandria, VA • 2/1/2023

"The online program supports other aspects of my life – I can be at home, on vacation, or anywhere with an internet connection and still attend school. I can support my children who are also in online school...I am proud to be a student at Campus!"

Laura M. (Sept '22 Cohort) • Van Nuys, CA • 2/1/2023

"I was looking for a college that was fully remote. It's so much better for me because I don't have to commute and gas prices are no joke. I want to open a business in the near future and in order to open a strong business, I need to learn the principles of business! I also love how straight to the point the program is."

Lina Z. (Sept '22 Cohort) • Posen, IL • 1/18/2023

"Campus is absolutely killing it! This program allows for people from around the U.S. to learn and teach! It gives students chances outside of the normal. This program teaches students that anything is possible, and shows us a group of people and a business to look up to."

Serenity K. (Sept '22 Cohort) • Fulton, MS • 1/18/2023

"I needed to find stability and didn't have any kind of support system, but that was being offered here at Campus and I am very glad and honored to be here today! With the online program, I'm able to be flexible and navigate without interruptions. Freedom is the word."

Princess W. (April '22 Cohort) • Tulsa, OK • 9/21/2022

"Campus sets everyone up for success. From the beginning, we are encouraged to participate and be present in all class meetings and to not be afraid of making mistakes. Also, remote learning with Campus has given me the flexibility to have control over my life."

Raul N. (June '22 Cohort) • Chicago, IL • 9/20/2022

“The financial aid office does a really good job with the financial aid packaging. I did not have to pay a dime out of pocket. I did not have to take out any loans or anything like that. I don’t have any debt coming out of this degree program – I love it!”

Jae C. (Jan '22 Cohort) • Lakewood, WA • 4/29/2022

“I have so much support. Even in high school I didn’t have this much support. Everybody would check on me and ask ‘Hey, how was class this week?’ and ‘Are you OK? Everything good?’ I appreciate it because it shows that they care. It’s a small community and we all care about each other. It’s got real family vibes.”

Romeo D. (Jan '22 Cohort) • Winter Park, FL • 4/26/2022

“I’ve never had this many great professors all at one time. They’re all eager to teach us. They all love their jobs, they all love what they teach, and they all want us to succeed... I love how the professors teach to everyone’s learning style.”

Josephine L. (Jan '22 Cohort) • Sunrise, FL • 4/26/2022

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