From 9-5 to Party Time: Holiday Makeup You Can Wear All Day

From 9-5 to Party Time: Holiday Makeup You Can Wear All Day

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Celebrations are always in abundance during the holiday season, with parties and get-togethers often taking place right after the workday. Although fun, the timing can sometimes leave many struggling to figure out how to transition their makeup from day to night.

If you’re heading off to a holiday function the minute you end your work day, there’s no need to redo your makeup: it’s easy to rock a daytime look that will still remain fabulous for your evening soiree.

Creating looks suitable for any occasion is one of the many things students learn at Paul Mitchell The School at Campus, but here are a few tips even those without a cosmetology degree can use to effortlessly get them from workday to party time.

Shimmery Eye Shadow

When you apply your makeup on the morning of your holiday party, it’s okay to go glam right from the start – just be sure to do it subtly. Because you’ll need to wear this look throughout your workday, you’ll want to go for shimmery eye shadows in silver and gold, instead of bolder hues like green or blue.

Apply glittery brown, gold, beige, silver, or white eye shadow to your lids for a sparkly and festive holiday look that will be perfect from sunrise to sundown.

Smoky Eyes

Smoky, sultry eyes can be ideal for any day-to-night holiday look. Apply dark, smoky shadows in brown and charcoal shades to your lids. Afterward, accentuate the look with dark eyeliner and a generous application of mascara. To keep your appearance appropriate for the office, leave the rest of your makeup neutral, including your lips. After dark, your eyes and face will be ready to go and you’ll only need to apply a colored lipstick, if desired.

Red Lips

Red lips are dramatic and beautiful for any holiday party. They’re perfect for daytime, too, which is why we think this look will go over well for your day-to-night transition. To best show off your red, sensual smile, try to keep the rest of your makeup neutral.

Go with beige or brown eyeshadow and keep blush in a nice, neutral shade – perhaps in a brown or pink tone. This way, your stunning red lips will pop!

Sparkly Face Powder

Whether you choose to play up your eyes or your lips for your holiday makeup, it can be fun to give your face a bit of a sparkle for your day-to-night look by applying a pinch of shimmery powder. Just dust a gentle helping of glitzy powder over your face right before you put on your mascara or lipstick to get a holiday glow that will turn heads.

Stay Confident with Your Holiday Look

When you’re considering which holiday makeup looks will best get you from work to your party, consider that you’ll want to feel comfortable the entire time. This means that the makeup you choose to wear for work and for your event should allow you to feel confident in your appearance. Whatever style you choose, wear it with a smile and a sense of excitement for the magic that the holidays bring!

Expand Your Knowledge

If you’re looking to further mature your makeup know-how, Paul Mitchell The School at Campus offers a cutting-edge cosmetology program that provides everything students need for a long and promising career. Get started today and put that creative energy to good use!