A community for ambitious students to start college

Community college accessible for all

Tuition-free college degrees for your employees.

Retain your best employees by helping them develop the skills they need to achieve their dreams.
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Campus offers online associate degrees taught by professors who also teach at top-50 universities at an affordable cost to employees and employers.

“Sam Altman's Backing Helps Community College Startup Raise $29 Million”

“Education Startup Campus.edu Opens Enrollment with $29 Million in Funding”

“The Next Iteration of Community College”

Attract the best talent

of workers believe employer-provided upskilling is very important when evaluating a potential new job.

*From Gallup, 2021
A community for ambitious students to start college
Retain the best talent

of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.

*From LinkedIn Learning, 2018
A community for ambitious students to start college
Upskill your employees

of the workforce will need new skills to do their jobs successfully.

*From Gartner, 2021
A community for ambitious students to start college

“Campus has gone above and beyond to assure their students are taught, mentored, and assisted by some of the greatest professors from top schools in the country."

"Campus sets everyone up for success. From the beginning, we are encouraged to participate and be present in all class meetings and to not be afraid of making mistakes."

“I've never had this many great professors all at one time. They all love their jobs, they all love what they teach, and they all want us to succeed. I love how the professors teach to everyone's learning style.”

"I needed to find stability and didn't have any kind of support system, but that was being offered here at Campus! With the online program, I'm able to be flexible and navigate without interruptions."

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