A community for ambitious students to start college

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A community for ambitious students to start college.

We’ve designed a college experience specifically for students who are:
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Campus Scholars

Our programs are specifically targeted toward students from anywhere who want to learn from the best. If you're looking for the flexibility of a fully online program with all the benefits of a college community, the digital experience is for you. Take live, online classes with world-class professors from wherever you are.


Augment your learning with hands-on training and practice with some of our in-person programs like Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, and Cosmetology and Barbering at Paul Mitchell the School and our Sacramento campus.

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Campus Scholars Program experience


Financial aid

You may be able to attend with no out-of-pocket tuition costs.

With tuition in our online Campus Scholars programs set at $7,200 per academic year, many of our currently enrolled AABA students have been able to pay their tuition with no out-of-pocket costs and without taking on any debt, thanks to the Federal Pell Grant program.

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