Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Associate Degree in Business Administration

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Associate Degree in Business Administration
Campus is the new alternative to online community college that provides a 100% live and online Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree program. Our comprehensive, career-focused business program equips students from across the U.S. with a solid foundation in core business principles to set them up for success no matter what their next step is. Read on to explore the world of business and how starting with a business degree might be your next best move.

Over the past several years, online learning has revolutionized higher education. The days people could only obtain a traditional business degree through solely in-person classes are long gone. That’s because there are indisputable advantages to an online associate degree in business, like the one we offer at Campus, whether you're a student who needs to finish (or start!) your education without pausing your profession or who wants more control over your schedule.

An online associate degree can be a terrific option to find time for your education if you have a family, a job, a tight schedule, or just want to avoid commuting to campus every day. Still, an online degree’s compelling advantages also come with a few additional considerations for those who have different needs.

This article sheds light on the pros and cons of getting an online business administration degree for any kind of learner.

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The Pros of Getting Your Business Degree Online

When people enroll in a college for a business degree online, they likely consider a program’s flexibility, availability, and affordability. The online degree in business is designed to provide rewarding results for people seeking professional jobs in the business world or wanting a quick-hit pay raise in their careers by obtaining more education.

Choosing an online business administration degree can greatly improve your comfort and enjoyment in the entire learning process. As another plus point, it can put a lesser financial burden on your shoulders while ultimately helping you work towards boosting your income. You can make the most of several benefits like these if you opt for a business degree online from a recognized online community college.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of putting yourself on the path of earning your online business degree.

Getting an Online Degree in Business is Affordable

Students pursuing a business administration degree more often than not have to deal with expenses, such as tuition and other fees. However, pursuing an online degree in business instead of completing a traditional degree and attending campus and classes in person tends to cost significantly less.

Generally, online degree programs have lower tuition. In U.S. institutions, the average cost per credit hour varies substantially between on-campus and online learning.

Not to mention, online students don’t have to pay for on-campus amenities like maintenance, meal plans, or housing because they'll be taking their classes online. Additionally, you may be able to spend less on transportation expenses like fuel, parking, and bus or train fares, because there is not a mandated place for you to be for class.

A study on the expense of online education found that a four-year online degree is $36,595 less expensive than that of an on-campus program. As an example, the study found that the University of Florida (UF), a large state school, charged $305 per credit hour for the school’s fully online degree program, while the tuition per credit hour for their on-campus program was $425 for in-state students and $1,485 for out-of-state students – that’s almost five times more expensive than the online UF student.

To give you an overview, here is a quick comparison of community colleges vs. traditional four-year schools.

Differences Traditional Four-Year Schools Community Colleges
Cost of Tuition Generally more expensive, with variations between in-state and out-of-state tuition. Generally less expensive than both in-state and out-of-state private and public institution tuition.
Flexibility Less flexibility is offered in terms of schedule and location. More flexibility when it comes to class timing. It’s common for students to work full- or part-time.
Career Prospects Specific career options after getting a specialized degree. Students can explore many fields in community college at a lower price point and can begin their career or transfer.

Financial aid for tuition is accessible in various forms, including federal grants and loans, state aid initiatives, scholarships, and work-study opportunities. While most people think of financial aid being helpful for pursuing a four-year degree, in reality, many of these options (you can find some of them in our College Student’s Financial Aid Dictionary) go a long way to help students who want to pursue associate degrees, too.

Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for financial aid. You can determine your eligibility for federal grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid using this application.

For instance, undergraduate students with exceptional financial needs may be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant. Campus’s online associate in business program tuition is below the maximum Pell Grant award, so students who qualify for the full Pell would have no out-of-pocket tuition costs!

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Earning an Associate Degree in Business Online is Flexible & Convenient

Next up on the list of benefits of online degree programs is the flexibility. An associate degree in business is far more accommodating and accessible for students than a traditional degree, as they get the option of adaptable class schedules and the flexibility of attending classes from anywhere in the world.

Because of the convenience, online students can find a better balance between their personal life, their work life, and academics. According to a Learning House and Aslanian Market Research assessment, 74% of online students said their online degree courses were more flexible than those offered on traditional on-campus campuses.

Additionally, when confined to a classroom, students are supposed to adhere to strict rules, schedules, and behaviors. Many students find it difficult to focus in such an environment. A business degree online is best suited for those kinds of learners. So, if the pros mentioned above attract you, an associate degree in business is worth it.

There Are Many Business Jobs Available with an Online Associate Degree

With an online degree in business, a person can advance their career's earning potential. By taking online courses, anyone can learn new skills and raise their chances of getting hired, getting the promotion they always wanted, and potentially making more money over time.

Furthermore, here are three common entry-level business administration jobs you can acquire with an online associate degree.

  • Administrative Assistant: Many companies need administrative assistance, and an online associate degree in business administration can provide you with the knowledge and abilities you need to support office operations, schedule appointments, and manage communications.
  • Sales Representative: An online associate degree can teach students about customer service and sales strategies. Graduates can use this knowledge in positions like sales agents, where they would persuade people to buy goods or services.
  • HR Assistant: Students with an online associate degree can acquire an understanding of human resources practices and procedures. Graduates might use this knowledge in positions like human resources assistants, where they would be in charge of hiring, screening, and interviewing job candidates.

Important Considerations When Getting Your Business Degree Online

When earning a business degree online, you can control your surroundings. Consequently, you could be less distracted. You can listen to lectures wherever you feel most productive and at ease, such as in the comfort of your bedroom, living room, garden, or even a quiet cafe.

Nevertheless, the biggest drawback for some learners could be the fact that some online programs offer less interaction. A traditional online degree in business program may emphasize asynchronous communication methods like email and discussion boards, which may result in less interaction and opportunities for teamwork.

However, in today’s day and age, innovative programs like the Campus online associate in business program have successfully bridged the gap students used to experience in the past with online education. These programs are designed to give the students the best of both worlds.

Our online degree in business program, for instance, employs high-quality techniques to give the finest knowledge to students while using high-tech interactive tools to enhance the educational experience. Our online students get to take live classes with their professors, along with live office hours and synchronous features like real-time breakout sessions and study halls.

If collaboration opportunities with fellow students are what you are seeking, you can still choose an online school! The option you pick depends on your personal preference and needs. Below are two key questions you should ask yourself when considering an online degree program.

How Much Interaction Do You Want in an Online Degree Program?

In a traditional on-campus program, students can interact with professors and classmates in person. That leads to deeper conversations and learning opportunities. In some online degree programs, students may not always get the same experience.

To give the same on-campus college experience, Campus has an online associate in business degree program that utilizes video conferencing, virtual classrooms, and online discussion boards. This fosters a sense of community among our students and faculty as they learn with their fellow classmates and communicate in real time with their instructors.

Be sure to think about how much you’d like to be involved in your program.

How Much Structure and Self-pacing Do You Want in an Online Degree Program?

Most coursework may be completed at the student's own pace and on their own time when they learn through online degree programs. This is particularly advantageous for people with work or family commitments. However, because there may not be the same rigid class schedule and due dates as in a traditional on-campus program, this flexibility can give rise to a lack of structure.

To tackle this issue, students should be organized from the beginning of the term. Still, if a student fails to do this, Campus has found a solution.

Just like traditional brick-and-mortar colleges, the Campus online business degree program is synchronous, with weekly live lectures and group discussions. Students can attend courses live with their professors, TAs, and other business students.

That being said, they still have the flexibility to take classes from wherever they need to be. For advice on staying on track in online degree programs, you can follow these extraordinary tips from an actual online student.


When pursuing a business degree online, students get maximum flexibility and convenience while reducing their cost of attendance.

So, if you are unsure about what your future may look like, consider the different aspects of online business degree programs. Who knows – your decision might change after checking out the unique educational experience you attain from an online associate degree in business, like the one at Campus! Don’t wait – request more information today.

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