How to Achieve the Silver Hair Look

How to Achieve the Silver Hair Look

We’ve spent quite a few decades trying to achieve a look of eternal youth when it comes to beauty. Which means that many women have been staying loyal to a hair-coloring schedule and running to the salon whenever they see more than a couple of gray hairs appear on their head. But when it comes to hair, styles change faster than most people even keep up with. Instead of dying their hair on a monthly (or even more often) basis, tons of ladies are embracing a gray or silver hair look, and letting their gray hair grow out naturally.

Granny Hair: A Surprising Trend

The current "granny" hair trend shocked a few people at first. Some of them, we’re sure, even entertained a couple of “wow, she’s brave” statements in their heads. But once the gray-colored hair look settled in and the liberation of it all came over many of them, they acknowledged how beautiful a woman looks when she lets her true self shine.

Of course, some of the women who are going gray these days are not doing it with Mother Nature’s help. They’re dying their hair steel gray or silver, exactly the same way that those who were coloring away the gray in the past were doing it.

Fashion, and the world in general, can be a curious thing. Let’s just say that we really shouldn’t be surprised at all to see gray hair being grown out or dyed in. This trend is just another way to celebrate owning whoever it is you want to be, and whatever look you want to wear.

We at the Paul Mitchell hair school at Campus in Sacramento believe in embracing change. Especially when the change is a fabulous looking fashion trend.

How Do You Get the Silver-Gray Hair Look?

If you’re intrigued by the trendy gray-colored hairstyle and think you might want to check it out, there are many ways you can do it.

Like we mentioned, you can grow your own gray or you can dye it. Or, you can dye it for just a while until your natural gray completely comes in. The funny thing is, though, that we don’t know if granny hair will even be popular by then. It’s best to just do what feels good with your hair today, and then see what tomorrow brings, rather than chasing a trend too quickly.

However it is you want to rock your gray right now, Paul Mitchell the School at Campus will help you do it. We’ve seen some incredible long and gray styles, with beautiful curls or hair that’s been blown straight. We have some ladies asking us to show them how to get their gray in a pretty up-do, or into braids. We know stylists that have created awesome short-tousled granny hairstyles, as well as granny hair looks that include ponytails.

Today’s Granny Hair Trend

The thing about today’s granny hair trend is that it can really be whatever a woman wants. Today’s silver hairstyles are all about showing how gray locks can enhance a woman’s appearance. The look is about taking a color that was once thought of as the hue of “giving up,” and giving it new life, as a celebration of what it means to be a woman.

Even if you have to dye your hair to achieve this effect, you can still be part of the celebration, because being a woman today means styling yourself in whatever way helps you love and fully embrace yourself.

Paul Mitchell Hair School and Gray-Colored Hair Styles

We love the granny hair look at Paul Mitchell the School, and we’d love to teach you how to get this lovely look. For more information about cosmetology programs at Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College, start the application process or contact one of our admissions advisors today.

For help in achieving this look, be sure to look up Paul Mitchell the School guest services. They’ll provide the hair and coloring services you need to achieve the look you want.