Cosmetology Hair Styling Trends and Tips for Fall Season

Cosmetology Hair Styling Trends and Tips for Fall Season

Hair styling trends in Sacramento for fall 2013 are soft, yet classy looks. These hairstyles radiate sophistication through natural, relaxed styling. Many hair styling schools in Sacramento are spotlighting on the trends of fierce and bold hairstyles as well. Some of the popular styles are created with intentional loose strands to appear slightly unfinished. Styling creams are often used with these types of haircuts to provide shape and definition.

Hair Styling: Sleek & Straight

Hair schools in Sacramento are training students to develop creative looks with defining styling creams. The sleek and straight look is at the top of the fashion hair trend for the fall season. Several top fashion designers used this look at Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The sleek hairstyles provide stylists with the opportunity to mold a wide variety of patterns in the styles. For example, two one inch chunks of symmetrical hair may be pulled from the face to the crown or the nape of the head to create loops in the strands.

Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre hairstyles are very trendy this season. This hair coloring technique incorporates a blend of dark or brunette roots that become lighter in the middle, and transitions to higher levels of light colors near the ends. This hair color style can be used subtly for more natural-looking highlights. It can also be very dramatic, turning into an extreme shade of blonde. Dip-dyed hair is also popular. Dip-dyed hairstyles are great for individuals who want dramatic changes in color. A dip-dyed hair color, consistent with its name, looks as though the ends were dipped in the dye. Dip dye is a popular punk style, using contrasting shades of blue, pink, and green.

Updo Styles

The latest Sacramento hair trends integrate a variety of twists, loops and spiked hairstyles. Hairstylists are creating styles to bring the hair off the face to show dramatic makeup. A popular updo hairstyle incorporates several looks, integrating tight coils and braids. The braids are worn over the top of the head from ear to ear. Deep parts in the center of the head to separate two tightly worn braids or coils are also trendy. The classic fishtail braid continues to remain one of the stylish hair fashion trends. Loose ponytails that are pulled up near the crown of the head are also picking up this season.

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