Wedding Hairstyles Spring 2016

Wedding Hairstyles Spring 2016

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The runway often gives us a pretty good idea as to what the next season’s street wear, evening styles, and wedding fashion will ultimately be. While the designers who show at the fashion week events in cities like New York and Paris sometimes display styles that are quite over-the-top for the average person, frequently, they tap into the desires of the mainstream and their fashions go on to become popular trends.

The recent Spring 2016 runway shows offered some gorgeous wedding hairstyles that we think brides will be embracing this year. The styles were feminine, graceful, magical, and even quite daring at times. And they seem to be perfect for a 2016 wedding that’s focused on embracing the beauty of life and living for the happiness of today.

The following are a few of the bridal hairstyles we think were the most noteworthy from the 2016 Spring Fashion Week fashion shows.

Floral Hair Arrangement from Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez’s Bridal Spring 2016 show featured a lovely floral arrangement placed on the back of the head, just at the nape of the neck. It stretched from ear to ear in a slightly diagonal direction, and it managed to look both classic and ethereal at the same time.

Butterfly Clips from Ines Di Santo

In Inez Di Santo’s Bridal Spring 2016 collection, he brought back butterfly clips in a pretty and dainty way. His model wore pure white delicate butterflies on clips that were scattered about a sleek bun hairstyle. We love this one!

Teased Up-Do from Theia Bridal

One of Theia’s Bridal Spring 2016 looks took us back to the beauty of the Gibson girl from the early 1900s. We loved the ultra-teased style, which was much different than we’re used to seeing in bridal magazines, but it was ever-so-glam.

Flower Pins from Carolina Herrera

Caroline Herrera’s wedding hairstyle for 2016 that we absolutely adored was the style her flower-pin model was sporting. The model embodied the quintessential bride, which is a look many ladies want for their wedding. She had beautiful blooms pinned above her hairband, and placed here and there in her up-do.

Other standout wedding hairstyles from the Bridal Spring 2016 shows included teased curls, fairy-like gold headpieces that topped long curls, and large flowers placed directly on top of the crown of models. Overall, the 2016 wedding hairstyles we noticed most, and the styles we think will inspire brides the most, were those that included accessories to help create a goddess-like look for the most special of days.

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