Alumni Spotlight – Brittney Hermann

Alumni Spotlight – Brittney Hermann

Brittney graduated from the Medical Assisting program at Campus, formerly MTI College, in October 2014. Being fresh out of high school, Brittney did not know what it was she wanted to do yet, so she began working. On one particular day, she was getting frustrated with not having a specific direction, so she started doing some research. When she was looking online, she found Campus and scheduled a tour right away. While exploring the campus, Brittney immediately realized how friendly the atmosphere was. She met a few people there – some teachers, some students – and everyone seemed very open and friendly, something she confirmed remained true throughout her entire program. “I liked what they had to offer and I signed up that day,” Brittney explained. Medical Assisting was an easy choice for her, as well. “It was something already in the back of my head and based on my grandpa’s health at the time. He influenced me to want to do something better for other people.”

Prior to enrolling at Campus, Brittney was working two jobs. She worked with her family’s catering business and was a cashier at a thrift store as well. After doing that for about 1 ½ - 2 years, Brittney became pregnant with her daughter. This major life event helped in gaining some career perspective. She quit the thrift store and decided to go to school. Brittney explained how much of a positive impact going to Campus had. She described the experience as positive, the teachers as awesome, her fellow classmates as amazing and overall never having an issue. “They were there for the students, to make sure you succeed, which was encouraging.” She went on to explain how much there is to learn in the medical field, so to have that support was invaluable. One teacher in particular, Dr. Laura Balangue, really left an impression. She taught Brittney’s courses that focused on clinicals, injections and drawing of blood. Brittney loved the clinical aspect of her schooling because it was more than just learning from a textbook. It was hands-on and fun. “Dr. Laura was the life of the program. I was super excited to find out she was going to be my professor for a couple of classes. She was vibrant and fun. You had to stick people with needles and she made it less scary.” Despite school being difficult or frustrating at times, Brittney explained that “the teachers made you want to learn, they made you excited to go to school. I loved the teachers. They are worth going for.”

Upon graduation from Campus, Brittney began working in a psychiatric office as a front desk medical assistant, where she still works today. It is a small private practice. Patients come to the office to check in with their progress and also if they need medication. There are four doctors in the office and six medical assistants. Brittney’s role is to work solely with one of the doctors to help with those particular patients. Her specific responsibilities each day are to check patients in and out and to run medications through insurance. It is common for a variety of matters with insurance to arise so she will sometimes have to do authorizations, about 20 a day. She also schedules new patients, completes intake interviews over the phone and creates patient dictations, which are summaries for the doctor to have on hand. She also spends much of her time working together with insurance companies and pharmacies. The best part of her job? Her patients and co-workers. “I feel very lucky to have a job where everyone I work with gets along. It’s awesome, we’re all best friends. My patients are the sweetest people you would ever meet. It’s home away from home honestly.”

Brittney’s current position was actually one of the first jobs she applied to. Campus sent her resume to the employer, she got called in for two interviews and then received the position. “It was the first job they sent me and the first job I was able to land.” Campus also helped Brittney feel equipped in other ways. “Campus prepared me with professionalism, how to talk to patients in certain situations and how to go about things in a professional manner.” Her life has not been the same since. Initially it was an adjustment to get used to working four days a week, ten hours each day. However, now she loves it because she has more time with her family. Before Campus, Brittney felt like she did not have much direction. “I was just kind of in a whirlwind of not knowing what I wanted to do yet. I just graduated high school a few months before. I was tired of waking up and not doing anything, going to work for four hours, then coming home and not doing anything again. I wanted to do more. I was bored.” Now life for Brittney is much more fulfilling. “It’s awesome. I have a kid, a boyfriend of five years and a job. I feel a lot more responsible. This job is the dream job.” With a little more reflection, Brittney powerfully adds, “I finally found my place.”

Future plans for Brittney are still to be determined because for right now, she is enjoying the ride. She loves being able to spend time with her boyfriend and 2 ½ year old daughter, Athena. She also has a passion for party planning and does a great deal of that for her friends and family on the side. It is something she likes to do because it is fun and brings family together. “I’m all about family,” she explained. One thing Brittney knows for certain is that working in the mental health field has always been an interest of hers. She currently works with mental health patients right now and views it as a great foot in the door for something even bigger eventually. “I can work in a mental health hospital or something still to do with the psychiatric field. So hopefully something along the way will happen.” Since she is so successful and has such an incredible work-life balance, let’s take her words of wisdom to heart. “I would definitely say keep up with the studies and definitely take what the teachers are teaching you seriously. Enjoy the school, the people you’re around. Take it to heart that you’re meeting awesome people and they are a part of your journey. Enjoy your ride during Campus and good luck!”