Paul Mitchell Makeup Trends

Paul Mitchell Makeup Trends

When you enroll in Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, you’ll find out about so many ways to make people look beautiful, whether you’re addressing their hair, skin or makeup. For some of our students, getting some practice recreating the latest makeup trends ends up being their favorite part of what they learn.

At Paul Mitchell’s makeup program, makeup trends are a huge focus because we’re sure you’ll be getting clients who demand trendy and ultra-stylish looks after you graduate and break out on your own. We want you to know how to give your clientele dramatic, natural, contemporary, or any other looks they want – and we encourage you to work and live on the cutting edge, where you’re always staying open to new looks.

Today’s makeup trends can be easily learned with a bit of time in the classroom, together with the right supplies. We also offer you makeup industry experts that help you keep your eye on the most current trends that are happening in the world of fashion.

As soon as you step foot into your classroom at Paul Mitchell the School, you’ll begin to get a feel for the latest trends in makeup. But until then, we’ll give you a peek into what we are currently seeing get some big attention with makeup.

If you already have a professional makeup kit, you can start trying out these looks to see what you can come up with. If not, just study them to get a sense of what’s going on out there. Then, you’ll be even more prepared when you talk about them in class.

The Colorful Smoky Eye

Instead of the typical dark smoky eye, Paul Mitchell makeup trend gurus say to opt for one that’s jewel-toned. To finish off the colorful smoky eye effect, skip over the eyeliner and just brush on a light coat of mascara instead. The eyelids will tell a story all themselves.

Big and Bold Eyeliner

Today’s makeup trends say to go big or not at all when it comes to applying the eyeliner. We’re not doing the mini cat-eye look anymore; instead, it’s all about major intensity these days.

Flaming Red Lips

Deep berry red lips are looking gorgeous with a staining effect and a sultry pout. Flirty orange reds show off bright and beautiful smiles. Flaming red lips are a Paul Mitchell makeup trend that you’ll soon be perfecting when you’re a student at Paul Mitchell’s makeup and cosmetology program at Campus, formerly known as MTI College.

These are just a few of the many makeup trends that you’ll learn and practice when you attend cosmetology classes at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, in Sacramento. We’ve got so many more for you, and trust us, they’re hot!

For more information about cosmetology courses at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, simply contact one of our admissions advisors or start your application online today.