Keeping Up with Current Barbering Trends in an Ever-Changing Industry

Keeping Up with Current Barbering Trends in an Ever-Changing Industry

Barbering is a longstanding craft and has evolved considerably in modern times. Barbers in the 2020s need to keep up with the latest trends and techniques to stay relevant. Meeting customer demands, learning new styles and techniques, remaining versatile, and using technology to make the job more efficient are just a few of the ways barbers can stay up to date with the industry. Keeping an open mind, learning about new hairstyles, integrating new techniques, and learning new skills will help you provide the best services to your clientele.

Here are some specific ways barbers can keep up with changes in a rapidly evolving industry.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular men’s haircuts in the 2020s.

Textured Crop

Ideal for wavy or curly hair, the textured crop is often paired with an undercut fade to create a stylish look. Many men choose this haircut for the low maintenance and fringy textured appearance.

Taper Fades

A staple haircut for men, taper fades are a foundation of many other hairstyles, can work on a diverse set of client preferences. In a taper fade, the top of the hair is medium length, and the hair tapers down to a close shave from the top of the head to the neck.

Disconnected Undercut

This look is rising in popularity and combines a high-contrast fade on one side with longer hair on top. Some barbers add texture to the longer section, creating a textured, yet disheveled look that fits many different occasions.

Classic Short Back and Sides Cut 

This classic haircut has been around for many years and is still popular today. It is always a good choice for a neat, professional look with minimal daily styling required.

Full Trimmed Beard

Hipster styles are very trendy right now, and full beards that are well-manicured are very fashionable right now.

Well-Kept Stubble

Tightly groomed stubble is a trend for a relaxed yet groomed look.

Balbo Beard

This stylish beard and mustache combination (Think Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man) requires a lot of continuous maintenance but provides a fashionable professional look.


The classic 1950s look made popular by Elvis Presley has made a resurgence in some circles. A modern version of this uses layers of hair cut at different layers to create the necessary hair volume.

Adapting to New Barbering Techniques

During their training, barbers learn traditional techniques like straight razor shaving, using clippers, scissor cutting, and hair coloring. As new hairstyles are innovated and introduced, barbers must learn new techniques and hairstyling routines. Attending workshops and following industry leaders on social media are ways to familiarize oneself with new hairstyles and grooming techniques. From there, it takes practice and muscle memory to attain confidence and fluidity when doing these new hairstyles.

Adding your own personal artistic flair to shaves, haircuts, and hairstyling is what elevates your barbering skills to an elite level.

Continuous Hairstyling Education

Just as hairstyling, hair coloring, and facial hair grooming creates new styles as time goes on, it is crucial to maintain continuous education on new barbering trends. Attending workshops, seminars, and industry events will help you stay at the forefront of current trends. Conferences enable you to gain insights into new styles while refining your skills. An elite barber is always looking for ways to learn new techniques and stay up to date with current trends and styles.


Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in the barber industry. Apps can be used for scheduling appointments and staying organized, making the booking process more efficient.

E-Commerce Integration

Some barbershops have their own websites and integrate e-commerce capabilities that allow customers to buy hair care products, making it easier for them to maintain grooming routines.

Stellar Customer Experience

Some hair salons and franchise barbershops focus on personalized customers experiences using technology to offer personalized customer experiences.

Combining Innovation and Tradition

Barbering and cosmetology continue to change and evolve, and barbers must navigate the convergence of tradition and innovation. Timeless craft and new techniques are both useful. Foundational principles of customer service and hairstyling have a place, as do innovations like technology and modern hair cutting and barbering techniques. By combining both the heritage of barbering and advances in the craft, modern barbers can find success and fulfillment in their career path.

The future of barbering is focused on advances in technology, styling techniques, and customer attitudes. State-of-the-art precision cutting tools and continuing education through training seminars helps barbers stay current. Using technology like augmented reality to visualize hairstyles, and e-commerce helps make the barbershop experience more convenient for clients. Customers are also more ecologically conscious and desire diverse environments.

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