8 Reasons to Become a Barber

8 Reasons to Become a Barber

The barbering industry has always been around, but in recent years, men pay more attention to their grooming than ever before.

Today, customers expect their barbers to have a highly developed set of hair cutting and hair styling skills, as well as top-notch facial hair grooming expertise.

Why are so many people becoming professional barbers?

There are plenty of upsides and benefits to choosing this career. If you are considering becoming a licensed barber, these are some reasons you might pursue this career.

1. Express Your Creativity

Creative people are drawn to many different types of careers: art, music, design, and barbering. The barber uses their creative skill to make clients look handsome, stylish, and refined. The experienced barber can analyze the texture of someone’s hair, the shape of their face and facial hair, and using barbering techniques, create a professional look for their clients.

Men go to a barber to look good and improve their self-confidence. Barbers use their client’s hair as their art canvas. Using their knowledge of haircuts and facial hair grooming skills, they create a unique look for each of their clients.

2. Great Career if You Are a People Person

Are you a people person or an extrovert? Barbers get to have conversations with people from different walks of life every day. Barbershops are known as places where men socialize and talk with their barber and other patrons. If you like good conversation and socializing with people, then becoming a barber might be a great career choice for you.

3. Active Workspace

Not only will you have the chance to express your creativity through hair styles and beard trimming, but you will avoid a sedentary desk job. Instead of sitting at a desk five days a week, as a barber, you’ll get to maintain an active lifestyle, keeping your body moving, in a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

4. Practical Learning

Some people want to work at a desk, or on a computer, and others want to work with their hands, using their skills to earn a living. Barbers learn practical skills, which allows them to hone their skills as they learn their profession and perfect their craft.

5. Be Your Own Boss

There are many ways to become your own boss and set your own hours as a professional barber. You may opt for renting a chair at a salon and build up your client base. Or you might eventually open your own barbershop. The possibilities are there to become your own boss and run your own business.

6. Flexible Work Schedule

Another reason many people are drawn to barbering or hairstyling careers is the flexibility they have with their schedule. Barbers can often choose if they want to work part-time, full-time, on weekends, or just day shift. These options are available when you are your own boss with your own shop.

7. Job Security

There is a need for barbers in every city in the world. If you want to move, you can be sure there will be a job waiting for you in another city. As long as you’re skilled at hair cutting and barbering, moving to another location is not a problem.

Men always need to get their hair cut, no matter what, so barbers will always be needed. With a renewed interest in male grooming, and focus on men’s hairstyles via social media, the interest in barbering is at an all-time high.

8. Opportunities / Decent Money

Barbers can make a decent living, especially if you consider tips on top of your regular salary. Top level barbers who are renowned at what they do can build a loyal client base and earn referral business. If you work in a salon, this can help you build a client base. If you open your own barber shop, you can potentially earn even more. Some barbers work exclusively on photoshoots, or in the entertainment industry, making sure celebrities always stay groomed and stylish.

Are There Downsides to Becoming a Barber?

Every profession has challenges. Barbers stand on their feet all day, so there are physical demands, clients can be high maintenance, and you rely a lot on tips, so pleasing clients so they become repeat customers is important. It takes time to build a client base, and many new barbers lack that patience. If you are aware of these hurdles, and work to overcome them, it's a rewarding line of work.

How Does the Barber Industry Foster Professional Growth?

Barbering is a career that requires entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills. If you can't network with people and grow a dedicated client base, you won't succeed, that's just the reality. Being a barber allows you to express your creativity and meet new people, but it also forces you to be a professional, developing customer service skills and working with other professional barbers and clients.

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