Business Administration Skills in Demand by Employers

Business Administration Skills in Demand by Employers
Campus is the new alternative to online community college that provides a 100% live and online Associate of Arts in Business Administration degree program. Our comprehensive, career-focused business program equips students from across the U.S. with a solid foundation in core business principles to set them up for success no matter what their next step is. Read on to explore the world of business and how starting with a business degree might be your next best move.

The business world needs many parts to function as a smooth machine. Gaining robust business administration skills is essential for those looking to keep this machine running without a hitch. One of the key components of any organization is the business administration department. Business administrators are the muscles of an organization’s body. They do the heavy lifting that allows a workplace to function.

There is a lot to know for someone who wants to follow the path into business administration. Pursuing a business administration qualification is a logical step for those looking to ensure their expertise is recognized in the field. One of the best ways to learn the necessary skills of business administration is through an accredited associate degree in business program, like the online business program offered at Campus, that will teach students relevant and in-demand administration skills.

How do business administration skills contribute to career success? A professional equipped with skills needed for business management is better positioned to navigate the complexities of the corporate world. Candidates who possess an array of these valuable skills can be highly prized on the job market! Companies need people in their organization with specialized skills needed for business administration, and workers who can manage daily operations and provide oversight to company goals are in demand.

So, whether you want to lead your own venture, or work in a key position in a professional organization, these business skills will help you progress in your career.

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1. Computer & Technology Competency

Computers are the backbone of the business world. There is no more valuable skill in business administration than proficiency with computers. Students who earn an associate in business degree will be very knowledgeable about many aspects of computers, including financial and organizational software to keep an accurate record of expenses, inventory, schedules, and more.

Wondering what skills are needed for business management? These are the very skills needed for business management that will propel you to the top of your professional ladder. This skill, along with the others listed throughout this article, are all essential components of a comprehensive business management toolkit, equipping professionals to meet the diverse demands of the modern business environment.

Even if you are not in a technical role, understanding technology is a necessary skill for modern business professionals. For many business leaders, being able to understand the concepts will be sufficient, though for positions such as a Chief Technical Officer, hands-on experience will be necessary.

Business professionals should be able to operate a computer, troubleshoot common issues, and be proficient in office management software (Word, Excel, Google Docs and Sheets, databases, customer relationship management software, email clients, Zoom, etc.). Familiarity with technology is a must, as most companies rely intrinsically on technology to coordinate business plans and communicate daily with co-workers.

As mentioned briefly above, there is a wide variety of computerized devices with which you might need to be familiar.

The specifics of this might vary slightly depending upon the exact job in question; however, it is not a stretch to say that focusing on mastering common software suites and functions using a desktop or laptop computer could effectively make or break your resume.

Operating Systems

With the above in mind, it is a good idea to have general knowledge of operating systems. The most common operating system that is widely used in professional environments is Microsoft Windows. If you have completed any kind of education or job training, you are more than likely familiar with an operating system.

You don’t need to have impeccable skills that label you an expert in Windows, but being able to operate efficiently is an important skill to have when applying for business administration jobs in today’s competitive environment.

Software Suites

In addition to operating systems, applicants should be able to work efficiently with software suites. In many industries, the ability to work productively using the following suites is almost mandatory, even if the skill is not overtly stated in a job description.

The Microsoft Office suite is the most popular suite used in business today, and you should consider investing in training courses or classes if you are unfamiliar with it.

Having at least some familiarity with the Office suite is advised; however, the following are some of the most important applications on which to focus in business:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

In a similar vein, Google Workspace is an increasingly popular set of collaboration tools and software that companies use today. The above programs enable employees to create, edit, and refine Word documents, PDFs, presentations, and a variety of databases.

Computer Security

Finally, it is a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of computer security. These are the very skills needed for business management that will propel you to the top of your professional ladder. This helps ensure that you are able to keep your personal information as well as any work correspondence or projects secure.

This includes things like understanding when and how to change your passwords, recognizing the importance of maintaining an up-to-date antivirus program, and learning how to identify and avoid malicious programs and phishing scams.

2. Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered how obtaining a business administration qualification enhances skills? A well-crafted business administration qualification not only teaches you the theory but also the practical aspects of effective corporate communication. A prime example is the development of communication skills. Communication is one of the most important skills you can have in business. The business administrator needs to be a master communicator. Business administrators have to handle communication in a huge range of situations.

They will spend a lot of time communicating via phone. They will write many letters and emails, and they have to format them correctly. They also have to communicate face-to-face in the office with coworkers, management, and clients. Business leaders will also have to communicate ideas and initiatives to investors, stakeholders, and partners, too.

All of these many styles of communication will be done daily by business administrators, and they must handle this communication in the most professional of manners while they are under stress. All of these skills will be learned by students during the journey of acquiring an associate in business degree.

Employers value communication skills in sought-after candidates. A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that:

  • 52% of respondents said poor communication affected stress levels in the workplace.
  • 44% said bad communication negatively affected project launch dates.
  • 31% reported that poor communication created poor company morale.
  • 25% stated that bad communication caused teams to miss performance goals.

Effective communication is the foundation of becoming a successful manager, working with a team, and accomplishing goals. People skills and interpersonal skills will help business leaders cultivate connections and networks of people. Such networking is often a product of honed business administration skills, which are pivotal in any managerial role. Throughout each day, the leader must motivate and persuade people to work towards common goals. Collaboration and interpersonal communication is used on a daily basis by businesspeople to effectively lead, manage and motivate people in the organization.

3. Administrative & Organizational Skills

Business managers and administrators are usually excellent at administrative duties, as they maintain records, data, receipts, and documentation. Organizations need people in key positions who are good at record-keeping and oversight of operations.

Organizational skills, in a management position, can entail creating systems for maintaining order and efficiency in the company. These organizational prowess are among the core skills needed for business management, ensuring productivity and operational success. These systems may include methodologies for filing data, completing projects, or doing quality assurance for ongoing tasks. Business administrators are responsible for making sure operations run smoothly.

Being a good administrator means that you should also have a great attention to detail. This attention to detail is a cornerstone business administration skill that differentiates a competent administrator from an exceptional one. In fact, a recent survey by ZipRecruiter showed that attention to detail is one of the main characteristics that companies look for in a business leader.

One of the key business administration skills, attention to detail allows managers to complete initiatives accurately, consistently, and responsibly. This also means that quality control of a department is under the close watch of an attentive business manager.

4. Human Resource Management

Another skill students learn while earning a degree in business administration is the ability to manage human resources. This is an intricate part of the business administration qualification which prepares you for the human aspect of organizational leadership. Interacting with other staff members and ensuring their strengths match company needs are management skills that many business administrators most possess from time-to-time.

These skills do not come naturally to many people. This makes the human resources classes students take very valuable when they are faced with human resources decisions in the future.

5. Decision-making & Delegation Skills

No one can accomplish everything by themselves. Delegation is one of those subtle business administration skills that could define the success of a project or operation. Business administrators must be comfortable with assigning tasks to others. Knowing which tasks to assign to specific team members is also a skill.

Less experienced team members may be assigned certain tasks, and more experienced teammates may be given more challenging and crucial tasks.

Decision and administrative tasks should be reserved for yourself if you are in management. Certain things only you can do. Delegation is the art of knowing who should be responsible for each task that needs to be completed.

On a similar front, one of the most important roles a business leader undertakes is the ability to make tough decisions in critical situations.

A McKinsey survey of over 1200 managers showed that 61% of respondents thought decision-making was a prime concern.

Elite business leaders can sift through reams of analytical data and statistical information, and make informed decisions that move an organization towards meeting its business objectives.

Learn Essential Business Skills at Campus

The comprehensive business administration qualification at Campus is your gateway to becoming a leader in business management. The business administration degree program at Campus provides students with business training in general administrative skills and business management principles. Our students will hone a diverse set of skills, equipping them to enter a successful career in business administration and management.

Our business administration classes are offered in a fully online format. Students can complete all of their coursework online from wherever they are.

So if a career in business administration is something you are interested in, click the link below for more information today!

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