Training for CompTIA Security+ Added to Network Administration Program

Training for CompTIA Security+ Added to Network Administration Program

CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, is a non-profit trade association that has been in existence since the early eighties. It was originally founded by a group of tech companies that were leaders in computer software and hardware systems, and exists primarily to provide professional certifications for a wide variety of IT specialties, and network and software engineering functions.

Alongside an array of other various trade association functions, CompTIA is the primary unaffiliated provider of professional-level IT certifications, including the popular Security+, which is focused on network security and risk management for several IT specialties. The list includes security engineers, security consultants, network administrators, and IA Technician and Managers. CompTIA training and acquisition of CompTIA certifications is highly valuable to those in the IT field.

Information About CompTIA Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is designed to be vendor-neutral. Certification covers operable security functionality across a wide array of platforms and operating systems from all of the industry’s leaders, including Microsoft, Linux, and Apple.

Awarding of the CompTIA Security+ certification is contingent on passing an exam. The Security+ certification is very popular across the IT industry, with more than a quarter of a million holders. It is a very well respected credential in the industry, due in part to the fact that it is vendor-neutral, and also due to the rigor of the exam.

Although the certification is designed to be an entry-level or foundation-level certification, it is recommended that candidates possess roughly two years of relevant experience in network security. Candidates may also consider completing the Network+ certification prior to attempting the Security+ exam. Holders of this credential are reported to be well respected in the industry for their technical skills and expertise in security issues and network-securing protocols.

Many credential holders have obtained advanced training in cryptography, network access control, security risk mitigation, risk identification, the practical application of security protocols, identity management, and many other related disciplines prior to pursuing the Security+ credential.

The credential is also approved by the United States Defense Department to meet all IA technical and management certification requirements, and is required by many leading corporations in the technology and security sectors.

Information About the CompTIA Exam

The current exam for the certification was launched in 2014, and certification criteria as well as the exam are updated every three years to keep pace with technological advancements, and evolving and emerging security risks and threats. The Security+ exam is focused on several of the primary principles for managing risk and securing a network, including identity management, access control, and cryptography, as well as the selection of effective and appropriate deterrent and mitigation techniques utilized in the addressing of a variety of network vulnerabilities and various attacks.

The current exam also includes questions specific to the security risks inherent in cloud computing and environments.

In addition to preparing students to succeed in obtaining CompTIA’s A+ certification, the Network Administration and Security program at Campus, formerly known as MTI College, in Sacramento prepares students to complete the Security+ certification.