Network Administrator and Security Associate Careers

Network Administrator and Security Associate Careers

In these times, a computer network is a key part of nearly every business and organization.

Network administrators and security associates are responsible for the organization, installation, and tech support for local area networks, or LANs, and wide area networks, or WANs, as well as intranets, network segments, and a variety of other data and communication systems.

Those trained in network administration and security work to assess an organization’s network and computer needs, install network software and hardware, handle security and maintenance of individual devices and networks, collect and evaluate system performance data, train users in the proper use and security of the network, troubleshoot tech and security issues, organize data storage networks across desktop and mobile units, and may even manage an organization’s telecommunications network. 

Training and Education for Network Admins and Security Associates

Some employers only require a post-secondary certificate in network administration and security, while others require an associate’s degree, or even a bachelor’s degree in a field that is directly related to computer science or electrical engineering.

Most employers will expect a candidate to have some post-secondary schooling in computer programming, systems design, or networking, at the very least.

Also, due to the ongoing evolution of network and computer technology, most administrators and security associates will need to continue their education alongside of their job training, to keep pace with the latest developments.

Licensing and Certification for Network Administrators

Additional licensing and certification through courses offered by software providers can aid a network administrator or security associate in their job search and career advancement. Additional licensing and certification can also be obtained through colleges and universities.

Job Outlook for Network Administrators

The demand for network administrators and security associates is high, and is projected to grow along with the rest of the economy over the next decade.

Companies are continually investing and reinvesting in data collection, data administration, computer networks, mobile networks, and network security. As technology advances, the demand for qualified workers in this field grows.

Additionally, with a major growth push expected over the next decade as many computer systems move into cloud-based networks, growth in demand for qualified technicians is expected to rise in affected industries.

Furthermore, with the projected growth of healthcare and its associated industries, the demand for technology support and network administrators in healthcare is projected to rise to more than double the demand for network administrators and security associates in the general workforce.

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