Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School at Campus Sacramento

Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School at Campus Sacramento

Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School at Campus, formerly MTI College: A New Kind of Beauty School, Giving Students the Advantage

To some, hairstyling is a job, a stable career path that isn't too bad, and pays the bills. To others, cosmetology transcends the work-a-day job and becomes an art form. These are the people that are attracted to the high standard of artistic excellence shown by Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School at Campus, formerly MTI College, in Sacramento.

In today's society, being beautiful and feeling young and vibrant are more and more important. As cosmetic technology and techniques advance, so must the knowledge base of anyone who wants to have a career in cosmetology. Beauty school isn't just about hair anymore. Students who go to Campus' Paul Mitchell beauty college learn not only the basics of cosmetology, but also receive in depth knowledge about all aspects of the beauty industry.

Paul Mitchell's Three Phase Program

There are three phases of the Campus Beauty Diploma program. The first is Core. In the core phase, beauty students learn the basics of hair styling, coloring, and cutting until they can comfortably and confidently work on guests. This involves theoretical instruction as well as the study of the anatomy of the face and other aspects that will affect the overall process of styling.

The next phase is the Adaptive phase. This part of the program builds on the first, and introduces the necessary logistic consideration such as time management, retailing theory and the building of excellent communication skills. After all, a satisfied client is one who received exactly what they asked for. This takes a lot of understanding on the part of the beauty professional.

The third and final phase of Campus' Paul Mitchell beauty school training is the creative phase. Here, students learn advanced hair dressing techniques as well as chemical work and coloring. This is when cosmetology students can really get creative and start having fun with the knowledge they acquired.

A Career in Cosmetology

The Paul Mitchell Cosmetology training is recognized world wide and can be earned at Campus' beauty school in as little as 46 weeks, getting the graduate quickly into the work force to continue to perfect their technique and grow artistically and professional.

Career opportunities in the field of cosmetology are limited only by one's ambition and talent. There are positions world wide for beauticians, and the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School at Campus in Sacramento offers very good career placement programs to it's graduates to get them started on the right career path.

Apply to Sacramento's Best Cosmetology Program

If you're interested in a Sacramento beauty school, you should go with the best. Investing in Paul Mitchell's Beauty School education will allow you to discover the fullest potential of your innate talent.

Begin the application process easily and start your journey in an exciting and rewarding career at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, formerly MTI College!