How to Go from Brunette to Blonde: Everything You Should Know

How to Go from Brunette to Blonde: Everything You Should Know

Many people with dark hair at some point want to go blonde. Understanding how to go from brunette to blonde is crucial for those looking to make this dramatic change. This is a process that a professional cosmetologist can help you through.

The journey from brunette hair to blonde is filled with important decisions and techniques that ensure the health of your hair. There are some things you need to know about lightening your hair from brunette to blonde, including how to prepare, what the process looks like, and caring for your hair after it is blonde.

This guide will specifically focus on the transition from brunette to blonde, highlighting key precautions and effective methods. Let’s dive into our guide and walk through the steps of turning your hair from dark to light without damaging your hair.

Always Disclose Your Hair Color History

It's especially important for those transitioning from brunette to blonde to share their complete hair treatment history with their stylist. When you go to your hair stylist, be sure to let them know if your hair has ever been colored, permed or relaxed. Your cosmetologist should ask you this question. The reason they need to know the answer, is if you have chemically altered your hair in the past, it will make it more difficult to achieve a uniform color.

Every detail counts when moving from darker brunette shades to lighter blonde tones. Even if you colored your hair over a year ago, your stylist needs to have this information. This color will need to be removed so you get an even color, and the lift is even.

Additionally, any and all chemical treatments, or any other hair history should be disclosed, including medications taken. All these factors can affect how the lightening process takes to your hair, and how even the color ends up.

Much Depends on How Dark Your Hair is to Begin With

Going from brunette to blonde usually takes more than one visit. If your base color is a deep brunette, your stylist might suggest a gradual lightening schedule to protect your hair's integrity.

Everyone’s hair is different and getting your target shade and lightness isn’t guaranteed and will depend on what color your hair is naturally.

If you require more than one hair coloring appointment to achieve blonde hair, be sure to strengthen your hair on the weeks in between with moisturizing masks, protein treatments and conditioner prescribed by your stylist.

In-Person Consultation with Stylist

An initial consultation can set clear expectations for the brunette to blonde transformation process. Before lightening your hair from brunette to blonde, it is important to schedule an in-person consultation with your hair stylist.

Doing a Color Strand Test

A hair strand test is when your stylist puts hair lightener on a small hidden section of hair. The strand test is crucial for brunettes aiming for blonde to assess how their hair reacts to lightening agents. They observe the elasticity and porosity of your hair, judging how easily your shade of brunette hair will be able to lighten. The color strand test takes about 15 to 30 minutes, and helps the cosmetologist determine the amount of lightening your hair can handle.

If your hair responds favorable, and does not show adverse effects, the hairstylist will move forward with the hair lightening plan.

Going Blonde Will Take More than One Session

If your hair is very dark it’s unlikely your hair will be lightened all the way to blonde in a single session. Patience is key for brunettes as the process to achieve the perfect blonde shade can require several appointments. Chemically lightening your hair is an arduous process, and your hair strands can become brittle and break if you schedule multiple sessions back-to-back. If your hair needs to make a significant jump in color, be sure to allow enough time to schedule multiple sessions. Ask your hair stylist, “what is the best schedule to safely lighten your hair without causing damage?” Give yourself enough time before major events to complete the process.

Talk to your cosmetologist before the hair-lightening process so they can assess your hair properly and give you the best course of action.

Preparing For Your Coloring Appointment is a Must

Those starting with brunette hair may find the journey to blonde to be longer and more complex than anticipated. Lightening your hair is an extensive process. Fortifying your hair before the coloring appointment will help your hair be as healthy as possible after the process is complete.

Things to Be Aware of During Coloring Appointment

The transition from brunette to blonde is not just a color change but a careful enhancement of your overall look. Getting your color lifted and hair lightened can take some time. Be sure to set aside several hours for your hair appointment.

As the natural color is lightened from your hair strands, you may feel some of the chemicals on your scalp. If your scalp starts to feel like it is burning, let your hair stylist know. You should not be in discomfort, or feel like your skin is on fire.

Maintaining Your Blonde Hair After Coloring

There are several ways you can modify your hair care routine to help preserve your blonde hair after a coloring treatment.

Regular use of purple shampoo is essential for maintaining the vibrant blonde tones especially if you started with brunette hair. By using purple shampoo about once a week after hair lightening, it keeps the warm tones in your hair from standing out, causing the blonde color to stay pronounced.

On days when you aren’t using a color-toning shampoos, be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates can dry the hair and cause hair coloring or added pigments to leave the hair strands more quickly.

Periodically using a moisturizing mask or heat protectant treatment will help maintain the blonde color of your treated hair between salon appointments.

Filling in Your Roots

As your hair grows out, regular root touch-ups are crucial for those who have transitioned from brunette to maintain an even blonde color throughout. Your hair growing speed may vary, but this should probably be done about every six weeks.

Other Things to Consider When Going Blonde

Maintaining lightened hair takes upkeep. Before you commit to turning blonde, consider whether you want to keep touching up the roots, and whether you want to buy extra hair product like color-toning shampoos and conditioners. Also think about how the lighter color will fit with your skin tone, haircut, and wardrobe.

Want to Become a Professional Cosmetologist?

If you’re inspired by the transformation from brunette to blonde, consider a career in cosmetology where you can bring about these amazing changes for others. Becoming a cosmetologist is a fun and rewarding profession. If working with hair styles in a relaxing environment sounds like a career path you would like to pursue, the Paul Mitchell the School at Campus Cosmetology program can help you realize that goal.

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