Cosmetology School Supply List: The Tools and Supplies You'll Need

Cosmetology School Supply List: The Tools and Supplies You'll Need

When you are going to cosmetology school, having the right list of supplies is essential. Many cosmetology training programs provide a cosmetology school kit, but you’ll need to make sure you have the correct tools to navigate beauty school. You’ll also need those supplies to take your state Board of Cosmetology licensing exam.

You’ll want to invest in a fully-stocked cosmetology kit not only for hands-on cosmetology training, but also for future clients and jobs. What should you collect for your complete cosmetology kit? At a minimum, you’ll want the tools you need for hairstyling, including cutting, coloring, and styling hair. You may also want to invest in supplies for nail care, such as manicure, pedicures, and nail art.

These are the things you should always have stocked in your cosmetology tool kit.

Aprons and Hairstyling Capes

A styling apron is part of the unform for a cosmetologist. The apron helps keep trimmed hair and hair color off the cosmetologist and their clothes as they work. Having several aprons on hand will help you maintain a professional appearance from day to day.

Your kit should come equipped with two capes. Capes are the fabric that the hairdresser wraps around the client while they cut or color the hair. A thin cloth like material is used when cutting hair, to catch clipped hair so it does not fall on the client. The chemical cape is used when performing chemical services such as lightener, perms, permanent hair color, and chemical relaxers. The material is thicker with a soft plastic covering to protect the clients skin and clothing for the chemicals used on the hair.

Mannequin Heads

Before students practice their newfound skills on real people, they must learn how to cut and style hair on mannequin heads. The Mannequin heads are used throughout the program and will be used for term projects. Mannequin heads may come in a variety of hair types and textures. Practicing techniques on the mannequin       will help students learn confidence before they hone their hairstyling techniques on real people.

Scissors, Shears, Razors, Clippers

Shears and scissors are staple tools of the cosmetologist’s trade. You will need different scissors for thinning, shaping, trimming, and major hair cutting. Large and small scissors are crucial elements of your list of cosmetology supplies.

Here are the scissors and shears you will need:

  • Short shears 
  • Long shears
  • Thinning/blending shears (single or double-sided)
  • Texturizing shears
  • Chunking/notching shears

Combs and Brushes

Brushes and combs are used by professional hair stylists to detangle, comb, separate, and position hair while cutting and styling. There are many different types of combs and brushes made for different purposes and hair types. You can oftentimes purchase combs and brushes in a set to get a wide variety. Some of the combs you’ll need in your cosmetologist supply list:

·         All-purpose comb

·         Barber comb

·         Wide-tooth comb

·         Fine-tooth comb

·         Weaving comb

·         Rat-tail comb

Here are some of the brushes you’ll need to collect for your hairstyling purposes:

·         Round brushes

·         Nylon bristle brushes

·         Styling brushes

·         Boar bristle brushes

Spray Bottles and Clips

Hairdressers use spray bottles to keep hair wet while they cut and style their clients’ hair. Hair clips are used to pin back sections of hair while cutting, coloring, and styling. These are two essential items you’ll need in your hairdressing tool kit.

Blow Dryer

A professional salon-grade blow dryer with the proper diffuser attachments is necessary for hairdressers and cosmetologists. You’ll use this item several times per day when cutting and styling hair.

Curling Iron & Flat Iron

All professional hairdressers will need a good curling iron and flat iron. Be sure to get the equipment you need to create the right sized curls. Not every hair type will look good with curls, but curling and flat ironing hair is an essential skill in cosmetology.

Electric Clippers

For shorter haircuts, you’ll need a set of electric clippers with assorted sized clipper guides to shave hair to a specific length. Electric clippers and razors come in handy for short-styled women’s haircuts and men’s haircuts.

Nail Care Supplies

Some cosmetology programs teach nail care. There are some beauty schools that offer a special program for becoming a nail tech. If you plan on doing nail care, you’ll want to have nail supplies in your toolkit. These tools include: manicure and pedicure kits, nail polish, nail kits, manicure bowl, sanitizer tray, manicure brush, nail files, cuticle clippers, toenail clippers, and emery boards.

Makeup and Brushes

Many cosmetologists do makeup and skin care, and some beauty schools have a separate program for learning advanced makeup. Stock these items in your kit if you plan on doing makeup: makeup brushes, high-quality makeup, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, blending sponges, and eye shadow brushes.

How Much Does a Cosmetology Supply Kit Typically Cost?

The cost of a cosmetology school kit will vary, depending on the school and what they include in the kit. In California, beauty school kits range from about $1000 to $8000. The cosmetology school kit at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus costs $3279.

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