Golden Globe and Oscar Awards Makeup Fashion Styles and Trends 2016

Golden Globe and Oscar Awards Makeup Fashion Styles and Trends 2016

(Source: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr)

The period between the Golden Globes and the Oscars is a fun time for following fashion and makeup. Stars who attend these award shows are typically putting on their trendiest clothes and makeup colors with hopes they’ll get noticed on the red carpet. And usually, their wish comes true – whether they’re getting attention for reasons they want to, or not!

The Golden Globes are over now, but we saw some amazing styles that you might want to know a bit more about. These hair, clothing, and makeup trends are ones you can replicate, either exactly or in toned-down form, for events that you’re attending and when you want the hot fashion looks for city nightlife.

The Golden Globe styles for 2016 will likely carry over into the Oscars, so get ready to see more amazing looks when it comes to hair, makeup, and attire. The following sections highlight some noteworthy Golden Globe fashion trends we noticed, and some trends we expect to see on the red carpet for the Oscars.

The Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globe awards saw quite a few celebs get dressed up in their brightest and most sparkly do’s. It also revealed some dramatic new looks for a few stars on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez, for instance, turned heads with her Hollywood bombshell blonde hair, together with her deep cranberry lipstick.

Rooney Mara was all braids and gorgeous, with her dramatic hairstyle and sensual makeup. Her heavily emphasized long lashes and brows made us all do a double take. Oh, and we’ll remember the beautiful burgundy eyes worn by Olivia Wilde, too – expect to see more of that on the red carpet this year.

The Oscars

For the Oscars, we’re expecting to see more of the perfected elegance that was on display, especially like the styles worn by Jennifer Lawrence for the Golden Globes ceremony. Jennifer’s clean makeup was paired with a precise side-parted up-do, to give her a refined and classy look.

Since The Oscars are somewhat of a more formal affair than the Golden Globes, we expect a few stars will go the ultra-glam makeup route that Kate Bosworth did for the Globes, when she chose her magical metallic eye shadow.

Overall, the 2016 trends for the Golden Globes and The Oscars show us that celebrities are still willing to forge new paths when it comes to their looks and styles. We love that, and we’re excited to see what ladies, and men, will be showing off for the next round of awards!

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