Bobs and Lobs and Bangs: Hair Trends for 2019

Bobs and Lobs and Bangs: Hair Trends for 2019

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2019 ushers in hope, expectation and change. Is one of your resolutions – or desires – for the new year to change your look? An easy way to start fresh is with a new haircut or color.

Here’s a sneak peek at some hair trends that might be just what you’re hoping for:

The cut’s the thing, and Bob’s your uncle.

If you want a short- or medium-length cut, a bob is the one of choice for 2019. However, this year’s bob is a little different than the layered one of the past. Bring your style into the new year with a blunt-cut jawline bob that falls somewhere between your ears and chin, with the back slightly shorter. Wear it sleek or rounded with a deep side part for a retro look. If your preference is a no-fuss, messy style, just tousle, texturize and it’s done. If you want more structure and something très chic, go with the French girl bob. It’s squared off at the bottom and rests between the cheekbone and jawline. Its signature feature is high, heavy, straight-across bangs (reminiscent of how your mother may have cut them in your early years).

Are you “lob-bying” for a new look in 2019?

Longer than a bob, the lob can hit at the base of the neck or top of the collarbone. This cut is extremely versatile and can be messy or not, layered or weighted and structured. Try blending in interior layers – “lion’s mane” layering – and using mousse to get volume without weight – an ideal style if your hair is thin. A blunt cut along the perimeter is also a good choice for the medium lob. Part it in the middle and let it do its thing, and you’ll rock in 2019.

Send 2018 out with a whisper and bring in the new year with a bang (er, bangs).

Any style of fringe is going to work wonders in 2019 – and with any hair length. Try your bob with blunt bangs or shorter fringe that blends into gradual layers. If your hair is long, you may want to go with a casual curtain-style, face-framing bang. There’s always the retro ’60s waif-style bangs and ultra-long, straight locks. Can you picture that floral mini-dress and go-go boots? Yep. That’s it. Maybe you’re more of a wild child. Try thick bangs that hang over your eyes and try pairing them with a heavy layered cut that stops at your neckline. Then texturize the heck out of it!

Pixies are not always elves.

Most of us have had a pixie cut at one time or another, but the “new” pixie is grown up … and grown out. It looks as if you’ve decided to let your hair grow again. The “shaggy” pixie’s top is generally longer and choppier than the sides and can actually be styled. Curl it a little, texturize or tousle to change it up. A variation of the grown-up pixie is still top heavy, but it has shaved or slicked-back sides.

What’s old is new again.

Well, what goes around, comes around – even with hairstyles. Some popular styles for 2019 will take their cues from the 1960s and 1970s. Remember the beehive styles of the ’60s? They’re coming back. So are the long bangs that were popular then, as well as the straight, long, center-parted hair of the ’70s. Vintage shaggy layers are also going to be popular, including those reminiscent of the 1990s.

Tone down the color, but amp up the richness.

In 2018, color trends crossed the rainbow. Next year promises to tone it down a bit – except for rainbow wigs in hot colors (lemon yellow, anyone?). Watch for inky black, ash gray, chocolate with copper, chestnut with gold and strawberry with honey highlights. Creamy, multi-dimensional blonde and blonde with rose-gold highlights look to be popular. The bold pinks, blues and plums are more likely to show up as pops of color or in hair tips. If your tresses are curly, you may be interested in trying Pintura highlights, which are highlights painted on rather than with foils. They bring a lightness to the face, but since everyone’s curls are unique, the look will also be different.

Don’t just style your hair; decorate it.

Here’s a new one: put a micro-braid down your center part or at your hairline. Do you have several barrettes or hair clips? Wear them all at once. Fashion a fancy chignon or top knot, and add some beads, flowers or feathers to it. You might also try a technique called braid pressing that gives a slightly crimped look to your center-parted locks.

These are trends for hair that are expected to be big in 2019. Maybe you’ll decide on one for your new look. If you enjoy being really creative with your hair, you might use one of these as an idea and go from there. If that’s more you, consider a career in cosmetology. Paul Mitchell The School at Campus helps you develop the beauty and cosmetology skills you need for a rewarding career. Classes are small, and the one-on-one attention you receive from your instructors – professional hairstylists and estheticians – helps you succeed.

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