How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost in California?

How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost in California?

If you have made up your mind you are going to attend beauty school and you’ve decided a cosmetology career is worth the investment, the next step is researching schools.

For those considering a broader range of beauty disciplines, esthetician school costs in California also reflect the quality and depth of their training programs. California has many cosmetology schools, and many avenues for working as a cosmetologist after earning your certification.

Cost is one of the considerations for choosing a beauty school, and you should know what the range is for tuition and supplies.

Ultimately, you should attend a cosmetology school that will give you the necessary training you’ll need to start your career successfully. Similarly, understanding makeup artist school costs is crucial for those aiming to specialize in cosmetic techniques, ensuring you invest wisely in your education. Learning cutting-edge styling techniques and getting valuable hands-on experience in the salon will help you flourish in your cosmetology career.

Let’s look at some of the tuition costs for various beauty schools in California head to head.

Cosmetology School Tuition Costs

These are some comparisons of the typical cost of beauty school for tuition, student kits and supplies, and registration and other fees. This information was retrieved in June of 2023. Unknown values are left as blank cells.

School Name City Tuition Cost Supplies and Student Kit Other Fees Total Program Cost
Paul Mitchell the School at Campus Sacramento $14,000 $3,279 $200 $17,479
American Beauty College Los Angeles $16,108 $1,250   $17,358
Avalon School of Cosmetology Alameda $16,050 $1,540   $17,590
Aveda Institute Los Angeles $22,975 $2.400   $25,375
Bellus Academy El Cajon $16,250 $2,635.65 $645 $19,530.65
Blake Austin College Vacaville $33,400     $33,400
California Beauty College Modesto $15,180 $1,200   $16,380
California Hair Design Academy La Mesa $15,250 $1,600 $117.50 $16,967.50
Career Academy of Beauty Los Angeles $17,725 $8,360   $26,065
Cinta Aveda Institute San Francisco $22,600     $22,600+
Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy Los Angeles $18,560 $2,800   $21,360
Federico Beauty Institute Sacramento $15,250 $2,742.63 $85 $18,122.63
International College of Cosmetology Oakland $10,700 $750   $11,450
Milan Institute Palm Desert $19,209     $19,209
Palomar Institute of Cosmetology San Diego $18,250 $1,995   $20,245

How Much Do Student Kits for Beauty Schools Cost?

Additionally, esthetician and makeup artist school costs may include specialized kits, which vary in price depending on the curriculum. The cost of a beauty school kit will vary depending on what is included in the student kit and how much is included, but the typical cost is between $1540 and $3300.

A cosmetology student kit contains all the items you will need to practice your cosmetology skills during the training period. For example, student hairdressing kits at Paul Mitchell cosmetology schools include:

  • Combs and brushes
  • Mannequin heads
  • Hot styling tools
  • Shears, scissors, and clips
  • Capes and aprons
  • Training books and reading materials

These are the costs for student kits and supplies at various cosmetology schools in California.

School Name City Student Kit Cost
Paul Mitchell the School at Campus Sacramento $3,279
Academy for Salon Professionals Northridge $1,638
Aveda Institute Los Angeles $2,990
Bellus Academy El Cajon $2,635.65 - $3,605.67
Cosmo Beauty Academy Sacramento $2,625
Federico Beauty Institute Sacramento $2,0265.69

Financial Aid for Cosmetology School

In California, accredited vocational schools are eligible for financial aid such as grants and loans to cover cosmetology tuition. You can get details on the percentages of students that received financial aid, and what programs are available by contacting the respective schools. Likewise, the esthetician school cost often includes fees for state board exam preparation, a crucial step for all aspiring professionals in the beauty industry.

Earn Your Cosmetology License in Sacramento at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus

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