The Most Popular New Year’s Hairstyles from Past Decades: What’s Coming Back?

The Most Popular New Year’s Hairstyles from Past Decades: What’s Coming Back?

As you prepare for your New Year’s Eve party, you may be wondering what hairstyle you should rock. After all, you have so many choices, from up-dos to long and flowing styles, many of which take inspiration from looks that were once all the rage. For New Year’s Eve 2015, we’re betting that the hottest hairstyles will be those that give nod to vintage glam.

Flexibility in creating looks is one of the many techniques taught in Paul Mitchell The School at Campus' cosmetology program. For those looking for some quick tips, though, here are a few New Year’s Eve cuts courtesy of that we think are sure to make you look as glamorous as the stars who wore them decades ago.

The Fingerwave Up-Do

Although the classic fingerwave up-do may evoke images of Roaring Twenties flappers, it has managed to stay current by evolving throughout the years. If the look appeals to you, consider this hairstyle for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

To get the look, begin with your hair totally dry. Segment a chunk of hair on the top of your head and hold it in place with a clip – this area will be for your waves. Bring the remainder of your hair to the center of the back of your head and smooth it into a ponytail with a hairband.

Next, take your ponytail and wrap it around your hairband to make a bun, then fasten it using bobby pins. Using a waving iron, create waves in the front section of your hair. Bring waves back and secure them with pins, then complete the job with hairspray!

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

To create an old Hollywood look, leave your hair down and style it with precise waves. Begin by blow-drying a styling mousse into your hair to give it volume, then curl one or two-inch sections of hair all over the head around a one-inch curling iron. Clip each curl into place.

Next, secure each section to the head as you finish and coat with a medium-hold hairspray. Allow your hair to cool, remove the clips, and then smoothly brush your hair with a soft bristle to form waves. Spray lightly with a medium-hold hairspray, and you’re ready for the party!

Waves for Men

For men looking for a time-tested hairstyle for a New Year’s Eve party, we suggest going with waves. This look works as long as you’ve got some length on your hair. Waves offer a classic style that is right at home at any get-together, even formal events.

To get Hollywood-style waves for men, one should have a good cut that leaves hair shorter on the sides and progresses to longer locks on top. Hair will need to be dampened, with a bit of styling gel added and spread well.

To create the look, make a deep part on the side of the head using a comb, smooth hair into position on each side of the part, and then guide waves with your fingers. The gel added earlier will ensure hair will hold throughout the night.

Retro Hairstyles for New Year’s Will Get Plenty of Attention

We’re predicting that retro hairstyles for New Year’s Eve will be the ones that will turn the most heads. These looks often conjure images and feelings of elaborate and decadent festivities, which is what New Year’s is all about for many people.

Any of the looks we’ve mentioned are sure to garner attention, but most of all they’ll leave you feeling amazing as you enjoy the company of friends and family at a spectacular New Year’s Eve bash!

Learn to Create Hairstyles for Any Occasion

After you’ve mastered the retro New Year’s Eve look, learn to build styles appropriate for any time of year at Paul Mitchell The School at Campus. Our cosmetology program provides students the canvas they need to become great artisans fluent in makeup, cutting, styling, and so much more.