13 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

13 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

Is cosmetology a good career choice? If you have a passion for hair styles, skin care, nail art, and makeup, becoming a cosmetologist might be the right career choice for you.

Cosmetology allows people to express their creativity while making other people feel more beautiful and self-confident.

Becoming a cosmetologist requires training and certification from your state licensing board. How far you go in a cosmetology career depends on your skills, customer service, job opportunities, business acumen, and your own ambition.

What are the advantages of pursuing a career as a cosmetologist?
Below, we look at thirteen significant reasons that people pursue a career in cosmetology and the beauty industry.

1. Career Choices

One advantage to cosmetology is that there are so many career paths you can follow, especially as you gain experience. There’s more to being a cosmetologist than hair styling. Many cosmetologists specialize in a few different areas, so making a career switch inside the industry is not uncommon.

In addition to hair stylists, cosmetologists can work as skin care specialists, nail artists and manicurists, and makeup artists.

As you gain practical experience with clients, you may move on to becoming a salon manager or owner, spa manager, or even working in television or cinema. Some cosmetology professionals go on to become beauty instructors, product sales representatives, or beauty writers and editors. There’s no limit to the career opportunities you can follow in the cosmetology industry.

2. Work Environment

One of the biggest upsides to cosmetology is an exciting work environment. There’s no mundane working in an office 9 to 5 here. Cosmetologists can work in a variety of environments, including the salon floor, remote spas and resorts, and even on movie sets. You get to flex your creative abilities in a variety of ways, in an array of settings.

3. Creative Freedom

Is being creative a core part of your personality? With each and every client, you have the opportunity to enhance and practice your creative skills. When it comes to hair styling, coloring, highlights, and techniques, there are no limits. Many cosmetologists also choose to specialize in nail art and accessories, which has more possibilities than ever before. Makeup artists with a cosmetology degree can create a world of distinct looks for clients on professional photo shoots or appearances. If creativity is a must, cosmetology is a natural career choice.

4. Income and Earning Potential

Is cosmetology a financially rewarding career? The demand for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and barbers is growing at about 11% in 2023. There is a lot of room for growth in income, especially if you target higher-end clientele.

According to information from Indeed.com [1] [2], the average salary for cosmetologists in the US is about $54,012 per year, and the average wage is about $23.27 per hour.

As you gain experience, build clientele, and develop your skills, your potential to earn can only increase.

5. Client Relationships

Cosmetology workers like hairdressers and nail manicurists often have recurring clients who they build a professional rapport with over time. These relationships form as they schedule appointments regularly. Providing good customer service will help strengthen your client base, and you may even form friendships with some of your clients. Salon visits become something for both the client and cosmetologist to look forward to.

6. Healthy Job Market

The job demand for cosmetologists, barbers, and hairstylists is projected to grow by 11% from 2021 to 2031 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [1] [3]. This is much faster than the rate of job growth for all occupations.

The demand is being fueled by workers transitioning to other occupations, workers retiring, and job churn.

7. Work With Variety of People

Cosmetologists work with diverse people of all backgrounds. Many different people are your teammates and your clients. Working in salons can give a broad range of people to work alongside and clients to which you provide services.

8. Flexible Schedule

Some cosmetologists, especially self-employed and freelance cosmetologists can create their own schedule. Some cosmetologists choose to work only four days a week or take weekends off. Cosmetologists who work in a salon and rent space can take their lunch break when they choose. Flexible scheduling is a huge perk for many people who choose to work in cosmetology.

9. An Ever Changing Industry

The beauty industry is constantly changing. Trends are updated every year. Remaining knowledgeable about what hair styles, hair colors, nail accessories, and makeup trends are currently popular will help you become a better cosmetologist.

Your job will never be stagnant or boring. With a profession that is constantly changing, you will always have new styles and techniques to learn. This is wonderful for people who gets bored easily with routines which never change. You’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to analyzing beauty trends and making recommendations to your clients and friends.

10. Meeting New People

Cosmetologists are always meeting new people. As you build your client roster, existing clients will refer their friends, and your clientele will grow. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds and interact with them. It’s common for long-term clients to have a friendly relationship with you, as you do their hair and nails regularly. Remember that customer service is always important, and every person you meet could become a potential client. Be friendly and professional, gain clients trust, and your business will thrive.

11. Be Own Your Boss Eventually

Being a licensed cosmetologist with some experience under your belt opens more possibilities for flexibility. Many cosmetologists have the goal of being their own boss or being an entrepreneur. Once you’ve established a sizeable client base, you can open your own salon, or rent a station from a busy salon.

The best advice is to develop a lot of experience before you make this transition. Many entrepreneurs work twice as hard as a regular employee. The upside is you get to keep the rewards of your hard work. You have the room to make your mark in the beauty industry under your autonomy.

12. Getting Paid to Do What You Love

If you’re into beauty and cosmetology, one of the things that appeals to you is not having to work in an office. You probably also love doing hair and nails, and making clients feel more self-confident. In their appearance. Becoming a cosmetologist takes time, effort, dedication, and ongoing practice. It doesn’t comes easy, but what could more gratifying than getting paid for doing something you love? Making a living unleashing your creativity and making people feel beautiful is a great career to have.

13. Travel

Can cosmetology lead to global opportunities? In every city, there are people who need their hair styled, their nails done, and their skin care provided. If you want to move to a new city or town, choosing a cosmetology career won’t keep you from doing that. Cosmetologists are needed all around the world, and there are many opportunities for you in several different cosmetology fields. You can apply for jobs at any salon or spa, or open your own salon wherever you travel.

Why is Cosmetology Important?

Cosmetology can have a positive effect on both clients and cosmetologists. For the cosmetologist, they can express their creativity while making other people feel more beautiful and self-confident. This helps reduce their stress and improve self -esteem. Customers also experience physical health benefits when they visit their hairdresser. Oily hair can create skin irritations and regular shampooing and hair treatments can help keep the hair and scalp healthy. Cutting hair regularly will reduced split ends which keeps the hair growing healthy and looking good.

You Can Earn You Cosmetology License Quickly

One important factor in deciding whether you want to go to beauty school is how long it will take to become a cosmetologist. In California, you must go through a training program of a minimum of 1000 hours in length to take the Cosmetology licensing exam.

Note: Barbers also must do 1000 hours of training, estheticians and electrologists must each do 600 hours, and manicurists must complete 400 hours of training to be licensed.

Paul Mitchell the School at Campus has programs for Cosmetology and also Barbering which allow students to graduate and get licensed in about 30 weeks. Campus Sacramento also has a combined Cosmetology and Barbering program which teaches both disciplines, which takes about 36 weeks to complete.

This will allow students to learn real-word skills from some of the top cosmetology instructors in California and start their career in less than a year.

Why Paul Mitchell the School at Campus?

The Beauty and Cosmetology School by Paul Mitchell at Campus, formerly known as MTI College, provides training that is challenging, fun, inspirational, and will equip students to enter the exciting field of cosmetology. Whether you are working backstage in the performing arts or have plans to open your own salon, we provide you with the professional skills needed to excel in the industry.

Students will be equipped with fundamentals, and develop the professional skills needed to work in the cosmetology industry with confidence. Students get the chance to work with real clients at our guest services clinic to put their skills to the test. Graduates will walk away with a wide range of skills in hair, skin, and nail care that will prepare them to join or start a salon. The focus on fundamentals has equipped students to pass the California State Cosmetology Board Exam and go on to build successful careers in cosmetology.

Learn More About the Cosmetology School at Campus

If you have an interest in hair styling and coloring, and want to learn more about cosmetology, and make it your career, Campus, formerly known as MTI College, has a great cosmetology program with starting dates opening throughout the year. We partner with Paul Mitchell the School to bring students a thorough cosmetology training program. You can learn more by requesting information from our experienced cosmetology faculty.

[1] Note: The data provided above are from a source unaffiliated with Campus, formerly known as MTI College, are for informational purposes only and represent the employment field as a whole. They are not solely specific to Campus graduates and, by providing the above information, Campus makes no representation, direct or implied, or opinion regarding employability.

[2] Indeed.com , https://www.indeed.com/career/cosmetologist/salaries , Retrieved April 27. 2023

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