Best Hair Care Products for the Summer

Best Hair Care Products for the Summer

So just what are the best hair care products for the summer season? Of course, they’re the ones that keep your summer hair looking beautiful and feeling great. At Paul Mitchell the School at Campus in Sacramento, we keep our eye out for great products that we would use ourselves, and products that we think our clients will love during the summer.

Our favorite summer hair products are ones that gently clean, thoroughly moisturize, and tame wild, flyaway summer hair. So check out these summer hair care products that we’re using, and see for yourself how amazing they make hair look and feel during this fun and sunny season.

Light Shampoos and Conditioners

Light shampoos and conditioners have gentle ingredients that keep summer hair clean and soft, but don’t add to the big load of toxins and stress that hair already undergoes during the season. Be sure to choose light shampoos and conditioners that smell amazing (so you feel good all day), and that make your hair tangle-free and soft.

Anti-Frizz Hair Oils

Anti-frizz hair oils typically smell great and they don't contain tons of ingredients to weigh hair down or make it appear to be greasy. What they do offer is management for summer hair so that you can have a natural and gentle shine, and hairstyles that don’t have lots of stray hairs coming out everywhere they’re not wanted.

Moisturizing Hair Oils

Moisturizing hair oils keep hair healthy by locking in natural moisture, or by offering a bit of help if you have damaged hair from the sun, hair dyes or lighteners, or from other sources. Hair oils are rejuvenating and luxurious feeling, and they’re a great restorative treatment to use at home if you enjoy a lot of days in the sun or the ocean.

Volumizing Hair Spray

Volumizing hair spray adds a quality of fullness to summer hair, and it usually has a wonderful scent – which, again, keeps things feeling good during a feel-good season. Volumizing hair spray is a great summer hair product to keep in your bag if you want a product to help you hold a style all day long, no matter how much time you spend outdoors.

Moisturizing Treatment Masque

Applying a moisturizing treatment masque once or twice a week will keep summer hair nourished. Summer hair undergoes many challenges, from pool and ocean water to elastic bands and summer sun. Take care of your hair on a weekly basis during summertime with an ultra-moisturizing hair masque.

Instructors at MTI’s Paul Mitchell the School know about all of the top hair care products for the summer months. They also have some great ideas for styling hair for one of the most exciting seasons of the year. For more information about classes from Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, just fill out our online application form and an MTI admissions advisor will be in touch with you right away.