14 Tips for Preparing for Cosmetology School

14 Tips for Preparing for Cosmetology School

If you’ve decided to go to cosmetology school, you’re probably excited to start down this path toward a rewarding career.

There are things you can do to get ready for your cosmetology training program that will help you succeed.

As a future beauty professional, these are some of the things you can do to get prepared for cosmetology school, so you get the most out of your hands-on cosmetology training.

What are essential tips for success in cosmetology school?

1. Choosing the Right Cosmetology Program

There are cosmetology training programs in most cities, but you should research the curriculum, training, faculty, and placement rate for each of these to make an informed decision. You should choose the cosmetology program that best fits your needs. Campus, formerly known as MTI College, partner with Paul Mitchell the School to offer world-class programs in Cosmetology, Barbering, and Cosmetology & Barbering in a combined program.

2. Look into Financial Aid

Planning how you will pay for hairstyling and cosmetology training is something you will need to do before enrolling. Most beauty schools have some form of financial aid. You can explore the options for financial aid for our Cosmetology and Barbering programs on our Financial Aid page.

3. Understanding State Licensing

As your cosmetology program concludes, all students take the state licensing exam to become fully licensed cosmetologists or barbers. In the state of California, this is the California State Cosmetology Board Exam. Reputable cosmetology programs will teach students all the necessary skills to pass the different parts of the exam, allowing them to begin their career as cosmetologists. Note that students at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus have the exam fee covered as part of their tuition.

4. Get Ready for Hands-on Learning

One aspect of cosmetology school that is different than traditional classroom learning is the amount of hands-on training. A good cosmetology school will provide extensive training in hairstyling, hair cutting, hair coloring, nail manicures, skin care, and other beauty techniques. Students should be able to hone their skills on real clients using salon services on campus.

The more practice students get in the classroom and the campus salon, the more their skills will improve. Under the tutelage of world-class instructors at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, students will learn from industry professionals how to successfully launch a career as a cosmetologist.

5. Learn the Safety and Sanitation Guidelines

Future beauty professionals must follow sanitation and safety guidelines as outlined by the State of California (or whichever state in which they reside). These regulations for salon hygiene help prevent any cross-contamination. Proper cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization help prevent germs, viruses, and bacteria from transmitting between clients.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Your Student Kit

The student kit you receive from your cosmetology school includes professional tools and equipment that you will use throughout your training, which you can also use in your professional career.

The cosmetology student kit from Paul Mitchell the School at Campus contains shears, scissors, combs, brushes, hair clips, mannequin heads, hot styling tools, capes, aprons, and reading materials.

Familiarizing yourself with each piece of styling equipment and what they are used for will help you master your craft and become a superb stylist.

7. It Takes Work and Commitment

Cosmetology school is an opportunity to learn as much as you can from industry professionals and a proven curriculum, surrounded by other students who have the same goals. To become an elite cosmetologist, you should focus on learning theory and techniques, honing your skills through practice, and absorbing information on how to grow your clientele after graduation. The more effort you put into your training, the more you will get out of it, which will help you start your career with confidence.

8. Be a Professional

One thing you may have noticed in beauty salons is that top cosmetologists look the part and deliver a great customer experience. The image you project will be a part of how people perceive your service. By dressing sharp and keeping your own hair and appearance at a top level, it helps clients perceive your service as professional. How you take care of clients through the hair or beauty appointment will also help you earn repeat business. Cosmetology school will help teach you insights outside of practical skills that will help you succeed in your career.

9. Invest in the Proper Tools

After you graduate and become a fully licensed cosmetologist, you’ll want to continue investing in professional tools, such as shears, clippers, and other styling tools. Additionally, styles and trends will continue to evolve and change. As an industry professional, reinvesting in training and tools will help you remain at the top of your field.

10. Network with Other Cosmetology Professionals

It’s a good idea to network with other beauty professionals online and offline. These human connections help you build connections with other cosmetologists, barbers, and estheticians who are interested in the same things you are. Networking and communicating with cosmetology pros will help you develop industry connections and stay on top of current styles and techniques throughout your career.

11. Get to Know Other Students and Faculty

The instructors at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus have years of experience in cosmetology, barbering, and nail care. They are a valuable resource for information and insights as you begin your career.

Likewise, cosmetology students who are nearing graduation also have insights on hair coloring, cutting, and styling. Building friendships with experienced students can help you learn about the craft of cosmetology and customer service. Most people are happy to share what they have learned so far.

The students you are attending beauty school with will also be valuable connections and allies throughout your career. Building your network of professional contacts in the cosmetology industry is a lifelong pursuit which begins in school.

12. Research Hairstyles and Products

You will learn about fundamental hairstyling techniques and what products work best for specific hairstyles in your cosmetology school training. As a future cosmetology professional, you should continually be researching different hairstyles and drawing inspiration from these. You should also keep up with current trends, so you can replicate these hairstyles for clients. The research and learning process is continual, as cosmetology, nail care, and skin care is constantly changing and evolving.

13. Explore Your Creativity

One major advantage of pursuing a career in cosmetology is the ability to explore your creativity. Perhaps you have seen posts of different hairstyles and coloring on the internet, or different makeup and nail styles. Working as a beauty professional will allow you to channel your skills into creating new looks or recreating existing looks.

The time you spend in cosmetology school is an opportunity to experiment with different styles and techniques. Making your clients look beautiful is an amazing feeling, and being able to do this on a weekly basis is a fantastic career.

14. Choosing a Career Path

There are many paths your cosmetology career can take after you begin your career. Do you want to work in a salon? Or open up your own salon down the road? Perhaps you want to be a hairstylist in TV and movies? There are many types of career opportunities you can explore, whether your passion is cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, nail tech, or a combination of all of these.

By focusing on your passion, and making plans for your future, you can accomplish the goals you set out to achieve in your cosmetology career.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a cosmetology school?

Most cosmetology school only require students to have a high school diploma or equivalent such as a GED.

Learn More About the Cosmetology School at Campus

If you have an interest in hair styling and coloring, and want to learn more about cosmetology, and make it your career, Campus, formerly known as MTI College, has a great cosmetology program with starting dates opening throughout the year. We partner with Paul Mitchell the School to bring students a thorough cosmetology training program. You can learn more by requesting information from our experienced cosmetology faculty.