Cosmetology Skills Learned at Paul Mitchell the School Campus, in Sacramento

Cosmetology Skills Learned at Paul Mitchell the School Campus, in Sacramento

Learn Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, in Sacramento

Going to beauty school offers students an opportunity to learn new skills in a field that allows them to express their creativity while also building a business based upon providing excellent services to clients. Although learning about cosmetology will involve many opportunities to pursue one’s passion by performing hair and beauty treatments for clients, there will also be an emphasis on scientifically-based lessons that ensure beauty school graduates understand health and sanitation practices that will keep their clients safe. Here are the top skills students can expect to learn while enrolled at Paul Mitchell Sacramento at Campus.

Professional Business Practices

Before ever setting foot on the guest services floor, beauty students are taught how to conduct themselves professionally within a salon business environment. This will involve learning how to perform an initial consultation with a client to determine the right beauty treatments for their hair and skin types. Students will also learn how to perform basic business operations such as scheduling appointments and handling customer accounts. During cosmetology career training, students will gain a solid grasp on the inner workings of a salon business, not just cosmetology skills.

Hair Color Chemistry

Almost everyone has witnessed a hair coloring horror story by someone who applied a box hair dye kit at home. In beauty school, students will be taught the science behind how hair color works on specific types of hair. During their color chemistry lessons, Paul Mitchell students will understand how certain colors can work together to create a desired effect. Learning more about color chemistry can also enable a student to recognize how subtle shading and highlighting can bring out a client’s best features.

Salon Health and Sanitation

Students in cosmetology career training are taught how to adhere to standards for ensuring health and sanitation within their salon. This includes learning how to recognize common skin and hair disorders. Often, clients may come into a salon with questions regarding health issues, such as managing dry skin, and a cosmetologist should be able to direct their client to the appropriate treatment. Proper clean up and sanitation of the work station and equipment will also be taught throughout the cosmetology program. Students will learn these skills at Campus' Paul Mitchell the School.

Hair and Makeup Techniques

When enrolling in a beauty school program, students are excited to begin learning hair and makeup techniques that can be used to make clients shine. These will include learning how to apply perms and relaxers to alter the texture of a client’s hair. Students in beauty school will also learn how to do many types of haircuts and styles. As students gain experience, they will learn how to determine which style will best suit their client’s face shape and structure.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career that enables them to express their creativity while working with the public, enrolling in a beauty school program such as Paul Mitchell the School at Campus is the perfect place to start. Focusing on learning each skill that is taught will help a student to be able to perform quality services for their clients that can help them build their new career.

Campus' Paul Mitchell Sacramento Cosmetology Training

Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, in Sacramento is the perfect place for individuals interested in cosmetology to learn. This comprehensive beauty program provides the best instructors and tools to help students get the training the need to have a successful career as a cosmetologist. With Hollywood, California not far away, students will have the luxury of being near the fashion and beauty capital of the world!

Learn more about Paul Mitchell’s cosmetology program and enroll today!