Why Attend Paul Mitchell’s Beauty School at Campus?

Why Attend Paul Mitchell’s Beauty School at Campus?

Have you ever dreamed of being a hairdresser? What about a makeup artist? Do you work magic on your friends’ hair and makeup, and feel like you could actually make a living doing it?

If you love giving makeovers and helping people look their best, then Paul Mitchell the School at Campus may be what you need for an exciting and rewarding future. At Paul Mitchell the School, you learn how to take the skills and passions you already have to another level.

You’ll expand on your current knowledge of hair and makeup by learning new and complimentary techniques, and by finding out about many cool products that can make what you do even more exciting. At Paul Mitchell’s Beauty School at Campus, you receive instruction from some of the top names in the industry, who are always in the know about the latest styles and trends.

Get Insider Info at Paul Mitchell the School

Paul Mitchell the School at Campus offers instruction and insider industry information that helps you turn doing hair and makeup into more than just a hobby. Our professional school and Learning Leaders show you how to do what you love and support yourself monetarily at the same time, and possibly make a lot more money than you’ve imagined.

If you love beauty and fashion, enjoy helping others, and want to work in a field that’s always in high demand, take a minute to check out Paul Mitchell the School’s cosmetology course offerings. Campus, formerly known as MTI College, has been helping people turn their creativity into exciting careers since 1965 and you can be one of them.

You Can Do Makeup, Hair and Nails Almost Every Day

At Campus' Paul Mitchell the School, you get to do what you enjoy practically any time you want. You’ll be practicing new (and classic) hairstyles, playing around with exciting makeup techniques (and amazing products), and making average nails look incredible during our fun and informative classes. You’ll be building skills that you can turn into services that are valued nearly everywhere in the country.

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

How does setting your own schedule and doing things the way you want to do them sound to you? When you attend Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, you learn valuable tools for turning your love of beauty into your own business. You leave with a valuable skill set that can be marketed in many ways: Open your own beauty salon, or start a freelance cosmetology business when you’re done!

You Have High Income Potential

After you’ve completed your cosmetology courses at Paul Mitchell the School at Campus, you can set up your business to produce as much income as your vision allows. Find a job at a high-paying salon, open your own salon, work for private clients (including celebrities), and make money doing hair and makeup in many other ways. You’ll also be in a great position to recommend the products you use to clients, and sometimes make a commission on those products when your customers buy them from you.

These are only a few of the reasons to attend Sacramento’s Paul Mitchell the School at Campus. If you feel a calling to work in the industry, and to possibly launch your own beauty business, we’re happy to talk with you more about the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Program and our application process.

Call us at (916) 339-1888 or fill a simple online application. Upon completing the application you will be contacted by a Campus admissions advisor who will help you with the remaining process and schedule a tour of our beautiful Sacramento campus. Enroll today and get started on an exciting career in the world of cosmetology!