2023 Campus Faculty Awards

2023 Campus Faculty Awards
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A quality education begins with dedicated educators who lay the foundation for academic success. Following the completion of the Campus Scholars program’s second year, we wanted to recognize some of the incredible members of our faculty who make achieving our mission possible. With our first Campus Faculty Awards, we’re celebrating two outstanding individuals and their unwavering commitment to excellence in education.

About the Awards

We proudly recognize a few of our exceptional educators who exemplify the very best teaching that Campus has to offer with the Most Outstanding Campus Instructor Award and Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence. 

The Most Outstanding Campus Instructor Award is presented to one professor who creates lively and effective online classes. By using creative teaching methods and consistently supporting their students, the professor selected to receive this honor plays a key role in the growth and inspiration of our community. 

The Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence is an honor for a teaching assistant who excels at Campus. It's awarded to someone who significantly supports both instructors and students, showcasing exceptional organizational skills, a passion for facilitating learning, and a commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive online educational environment. This award celebrates the critical role and invaluable contributions of teaching assistants in enhancing the quality of our Campus education.  

The recipients of these distinctions were chosen through a nomination process. All Campus community members – including students, faculty, and staff – were invited to submit their top picks for each award. The final selection was determined through a committee voting process.

Theresa Walsh, winner of the 2023 Most Outstanding Campus Instructor Award
Theresa Walsh is the winner of the 2023 Most Outstanding Campus Instructor Award.

Winner of the Most Outstanding Campus Instructor Award: Theresa Walsh

The professor recognized by Campus for being the most outstanding instructor for the 2023 year is Professor Theresa Walsh. Well-versed in online education, Walsh was the former assistant director for online writing instruction at UC Davis. Walsh’s background as a community college graduate allows her to connect with our Campus Scholars. 

She joined the Campus faculty in the Summer of 2022 and has been profoundly impacting our students ever since as a professor of English Composition. We reached out to her to hear her reflections on winning the award and her hopes for the future.

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

On Winning the Award


"I’m so honored! This recognition means so much because my work at Campus combines two things that I’m passionate about: really connecting with individual students and providing them with education opportunities no matter where they are located. Campus’s online structure and operating principles really enable my colleagues and me to do the kind of teaching that makes a difference.

Our students are bright and interesting and smart; their enthusiasm and dedication, and their willingness to share their own stories and perspectives, has taught me to be a better teacher. I think that, too, is a testament to our school’s philosophy to respect individual students’ needs, and to the dedication of our administration, technical experts, and management teams for ensuring we have what we need to build these relationships.

So, I suppose that the big takeaway for me is just that I’m so happy to be part of this organization.

Looking to the Future


“I’ve seen so much change since joining Campus as an instructor in the Summer of 2022. It blows my mind to think of how much the organization and platform have evolved to meet the needs of our growing student body. I learn more from being immersed in this process with every term that passes.

With all that in mind, I look forward to seeing students continue to benefit, and to my own continued development as an educator for a school that’s committed to improving access to higher education AND as a person with a front-row seat to what I think can only be described as a radical ed tech company.”

Reagan Williams, DBA winner of the 2023 Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence
Reagan Williams, DBA is the winner of the 2023 Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence.

Winner of the Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence: Reagan Williams, DBA

Campus would also like to recognize Dr. Reagan Williams with the Campus Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence for the 2023 year. With over 15 years of workforce development experience and 10 years of experience in adult education, Dr. Williams has been a pivotal supporter of our students’ long-term success.

As a TA, she hosts one mandatory discussion section each week for the courses she assists. She has supported several professors and given Campus Scholars additional pointers and advice for how to apply what they are learning to the workforce.

Like Walsh, Dr. Williams joined the Campus faculty in the Summer of 2022 and is one of our most experienced TAs. Dr. Williams was a TA for Entrepreneurship in the Winter and Spring 2023 quarters, Small Business Management in the Fall 2023 quarter, and was the first TA to have hosted two discussion sections during one term for Business Law during the Summer 2023 term. 

Dr. Williams shared with us her reaction to earning this distinction and her hopes for the years to come.

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

On Winning the Award

Dr. Williams:

“Often, people think or assume I have felt successful as a person or within my career. This has been largely based on positions I have held or from various academic achievements. Never have I ever — just like the catchphrase — won a professional accolade in over 20 years of working.

For me, winning the Campus Teaching Assistant Award made me feel validated, heard, and aware that what I do and where I do it matters to people and the community. It reiterated that being people-centric and mission-driven has an impact and finding the ‘right space’ like Campus makes a difference.”

Looking to the Future

Dr. Williams:

“People describe me as a ‘people collector,’ and I want students and faculty to add me to their collection. That means assisting faculty, lending my personal and professional knowledge, and imparting wisdom on how to be a self-change agent for yourself. It’s important to me to see the students that I started with graduate this upcoming year and be there for them. I remind them that they can reach out after Campus and add their success to my ‘collection of stories’.”

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