Meet Your Professor: Dr. Hesam Oveys

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Hesam Oveys
Recruiting students from across the U.S., Campus is the new alternative to online community college. Our online associate degree in business program consists of 100% live, online classes taught by professors who also teach at top-ranked colleges and universities. Read on to learn more about our talented teaching team.

Dr. Hesam Oveys has a passion for teaching college students and enriching their understanding of mathematical concepts. With over 14 years of experience, he has been able to teach a wide range of students at the high school and college levels, and he is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.

As an instructor in the Campus Scholars program, Dr. Oveys teaches mathematics courses with the goal of creating an encouraging learning environment, where students can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and asking questions.

What Brought Dr. Oveys to Campus?

“I decided to join Campus because I love their mission,” said Dr. Oveys. “Being able to give an opportunity to students to access an education very conveniently and very accessibly is great. I love that about it!”

In addition to aligning with Campus’s mission to make higher education accessible to everyone, Dr. Oveys also noted that he was interested in getting the chance to teach students that are part of the Campus Scholars program. The online program is specifically designed for students who may need the additional support, from affordable tuition that the Pell Grant could fully cover, to support coaches and 24/7 mental wellness services available at no additional cost.

“I enjoy teaching different students than I normally would see. The Campus program targets students that I may not often get to see at NYU.”

What struck us most when talking with Dr. Oveys about why he chose to teach at Campus was when he mentioned the culture Campus has created for students.

“I like the community that Campus provides,” said Dr. Oveys. “It’s not just taking classes. It truly feels like a traditional campus structure, except better because they offer a lot of support for the students. It’s a great mission and what they’re doing for their students is something I wanted to be a part of.”

An Unexpected Journey to Teaching

Dr. Oveys began his career as an educator at the University of Missouri while working toward his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2007. However, he did not initially find the prospect of teaching as part of his graduate program terribly exciting.

"If you asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, ‘teacher’ would not be in the top 10. In fact, I didn’t look forward to being required to TA in graduate school. But after the first weeks, I absolutely fell in love with it.”

While there, Dr. Oveys was recognized as a great educator receiving three awards in excellence as a teaching assistant and graduate instructor, and had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses. After earning his Ph.D. in 2015, Dr. Oveys became an instructor at the University of Missouri and later became an assistant professor of mathematics at New York University.

“In the last 14 years, I’ve taught and coordinated a broad spectrum of math courses to students with varying backgrounds, both as a graduate student, an adjunct, as part of the teaching faculty at the University of Missouri, and as part of the teaching faculty at New York University.”

On Connecting with Students

Dr. Oveys shared with us that he believes his success in reaching students over the years comes from his ability to speak clearly with his students and relate to them using his own college experiences.

“I remember what it’s like to be a student. I remember what it’s like to struggle. I remember what it’s like to feel anxious in a class where you may not have a full understanding of the materials. So, I actively try to make sure that I can subdue that anxiety and make students feel comfortable with being vulnerable.

Being able to ease students’ minds when teaching mathematics courses is top of mind for Dr. Oveys and plays a major role in his approach to teaching. Ultimately, he centers his methods around the core of supporting students to tackle the challenges of the course.

“I think my fundamental, underlying philosophy to teaching is to make sure students see the subject matter as their opponent, as opposed to the teacher. Instead of treating the students as if they are trying to pass my exam, I try to act as their coach, and we are trying to pass a math exam together,” Dr. Oveys said.

“I think students really enjoy this attitude because they feel as if I’m on the same team as them, instead of their opponent who is trying to trick them into missing a problem. When students see the instructor more as a coach on their team who is trying his or her best to make sure they learn the material and are well prepared for the exam, students are willing to be challenged and put in the time necessary to succeed.”

Trying New Tech, Understanding the Universe

While teaching students math concepts is a passion for Dr. Oveys, he likes to feed his curiosity about the world we all live in, too. One of the areas he likes to explore most outside of the classroom is the ever-changing world of technology.

“I’m a really big tech-head. I’m always interested in the latest iPhone, the latest Samsung, and smart devices in general,” Dr. Oveys shared when asked what he believed students may be surprised to learn about him. “I’m constantly up-to-date on these things. I change phones frequently just because I want to try something new, even if it’s not the most positive experience. I get a lot of joy out of trying something new.”

Naturally, Dr. Oveys’ admiration of new technology doesn’t stop there – he also enjoys taking a look at bigger pieces of technological hardware.

“I’m not a big gamer, but I do build my own computers,” said Dr. Oveys. “If you’re looking for a good computer, let me know. I’ve randomly read about the last 10 great laptops that came out, and I know what makes a MacBook better than a Dell XPS and vice versa.”

Dr. Oveys’ love for math application can be found even in other interesting fields that use math knowledge as a basis for understanding the physical world around us. In his own college experience, he mentioned that his favorite class was Physics II. While that class covered topics like electricity and magnetism, it opened the door for applying math principles to the real world – which is something he still explores in his free time today.

“I watch a lot of physics YouTube videos. I’m just fascinated by physics and astrophysics specifically. The universe and galaxies and gravity, all of these things I just want to understand,” Dr. Oveys shared.

“It goes back to when I was a kid. I have a curious nature and I want to understand things. And now that I have a solid foundation in math, I want to understand the physics behind these things.”

Professor Fun Fact: During his commute to NYU’s campus, Dr. Oveys enjoys reading long-form articles and keeping up to date on the news every day. “I have a morning routine where I listen to NPR on my way to the subway, and then on the subway, I try to read as many news articles as I can. It’s always a race for me to read as much as I can before I have to get off the train.”

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