Meet Your Professor: Dr. Reginald Duhé

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Reginald Duhé
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Dr. Reginald Duhé's journey from a curious community college student to a seasoned professional in both the corporate and academic spheres is a heartwarming story of growth and exploration. 

With a rich background spanning over 15 years in managerial roles at industry powerhouses like IBM, AT&T, and Cisco Systems, Dr. Duhé has crafted a commendable legacy in the fields of marketing, business development, and organizational development. 

However, beyond the bustling corporate landscape, there was something about academia that called to him. It led him down a path where he could share his wealth of experience with the bright young minds of the next generation.

As an adjunct professor, he has warmly embraced the academic communities of major institutions like UC Berkeley, Northeastern, and Santa Clara University, generously sharing his knowledge with college students. 

Now, as a faculty member of the Campus online associate degree in business program, Dr. Duhé continues to shape minds, effortlessly bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world business savvy.

Experiences as a Former Community College Student

For many, community college serves as a stepping stone, a place to explore academic interests and life’s calling without the larger financial burden of a four-year university. Dr. Duhé’s higher education journey began at a community college, where amidst juggling sports and academics, an unexpected encounter steered him in a different direction.

“I went to a school called Merritt College in Oakland,” Dr. Duhé told Campus. “In my second year there, I was kind of wondering exactly what I was at the time – I was playing sports and I wanted to know exactly what I needed to do as far as taking the next step.” 

Dr. Duhé went on to share that after receiving some advice from a professor who took an interest in helping him find his future path, he explored the opportunity to take a course at a four-year school. 

At the time, Merrit College offered a distinctive program that permitted their community college students nearing graduation to enroll in a course at UC Berkeley.

“I took that one course at Berkeley, and I think that one course kind of changed my life,” Dr. Duhé shared. 

“It was something that gave me the feeling that even though I was a community college student, I felt like I was a UC student. I said, ‘Okay, this is where I want to be. I belong here.’

With the doors open to a new educational track, Dr. Duhé reflected on how it affected his views on his future prospects and how it impacted his primary goals at the time.

“It kind of really changed me at that point,” Dr. Duhé reflected. “I kind of decided that I was gonna put my football career aside. I wasn't getting any bigger. So I thought I'd now focus on academics. And that's where I made the separation from this dream of playing professional football and going strictly on the academic track.”

Professor Fun Fact: Dr. Reginald Duhé is not only a huge sports fan, but he’s a dedicated runner. “Five years ago, I was number five in the United States, as far as one of the fastest runners, in the 100-meter dash. I've been competing for many, many years. I still do now, but I think if I weren't teaching, I would be probably doing that a lot more.”

From Executive to Educator

After earning his Bachelor's in Political Science from UC Berkeley, Dr. Duhé found himself on a trajectory toward business development, a journey that brought him to Silicon Valley. 

Embarking on his career amidst the digital moguls and tech startups, he gained a lot of industry experience.

“I started first in the corporate world. I spent 12 years in Silicon Valley in business development, marketing, and sales,” Dr. Duhé said. 

“After leaving the corporate world, I wanted to do something totally different. And I was asked to take on a class, one class part-time. And I loved it. I realized that a lot of the skills I learned in the corporate world, I could literally leverage those in the classroom.”

Transitioning from executive to educator was a major career shift, but Dr. Duhé found his groove in teaching marketing and business communication, areas deeply intertwined with his previous corporate experience.

“I have jumped really into marketing, business, and communication skills. And I love teaching those particular skills in the classroom because I like to say, marketing is the thing that makes the world turn,” Dr. Duhé said.

“Everything you do is involved in marketing. And so I like to bring real-world experiences into the classroom so students can relate to how important marketing is for both their personal brand and in any endeavor that they get into. And so that's been my passion. I love it. And I get energy in the classroom when I talk about those particular subjects.”

Dr. Duhé’s passion for teaching in the classroom began when he first started teaching as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University in 2016, where he began studying more on his own in pursuit of a doctorate in education (Ed.D). 

His doctorate study, centered on classroom engagement, wasn’t just an academic quest, but a journey to refining his pedagogical methods centered on student engagement.

“My favorite part about teaching is engagement in the classroom,” Dr. Duhé told Campus.

“Students have different learning styles, and not everyone is a book learner. People love to get their hands dirty or love to learn by watching videos or by actually interacting and participating in discussions. So I try to bring a lot of different venues into the classroom where everybody is learning the best way they know how to learn.”

Why Campus?

Dr. Duhé has a genuine understanding and appreciation of both online and on-campus spaces. When we asked why he was interested in helping Campus further our goals of offering students an accessible postsecondary education, he acknowledged the profound flexibility that online education grants, especially to those who have to meet so many demands on a day-to-day basis.

“Online learning is a great venue for folks that are busy with life — that have families and kids and work and all those kinds of other things that just kind of bog us down in our daily lives,” Dr. Duhé stated. 

“Being able to take courses and progress in their academic careers online is a tremendous, tremendous benefit for folks that need to take care of their things during the day, but also have time to pursue their academic endeavors.”

Going beyond sharing his thoughts on the benefits an online education can bring students with busy schedules, Dr. Duhé also went on to note that the digital classroom provides educators like himself with a wealth of opportunities to grow as teachers.

“For me as a professor and as an instructor, I have to pay more attention to the fact that these students need interaction from me,” Dr. Duhé noted. 

“So it's constant interaction, it's constant discussion points, and it's being available to the students, even more so than the in-person classroom.”

Dr. Duhé’s journey, which commenced in the halls of a community college, has etched a profound empathy and recognition for the unique challenges and aspirations harbored by college students, particularly those at community colleges. 

Reminiscing on the start of his college journey, Dr. Duhé pointed out to us another reason he was interested in teaching our online students.

“I'm actually a prototype Campus student,” Dr. Duhé said with a smile. “I was one of those students in high school that really didn't know what to do and didn't have the grades to get into a major college, and so the next option was to go to a community college and get my basic degree requirements out of the way. So I love the model of being able to provide affordable education for folks who are still trying to just kind of figure it out.

His journey comes full circle when he talks about the joy of teaching students who are much like he was at their age. 

“I love teaching that particular type of student because I was that student.”

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