Demand for Medical Assistants with Certification

Demand for Medical Assistants with Certification

The demand for medical assistants in the United States is growing at a rapid rate, and furthermore, demand is expected to continue to grow as more and more of the Baby Boomer generation enters retirement and continues to age.

The current confluence of several different contributing factors, such as the ongoing technological advancement in various medical and healthcare fields that is driving life expectancy across several demographics, a huge surge in those seeking medical care for routine concerns thanks to legislation that is requiring medical insurance for the overwhelming majority of the population, and the previously mentioned aging of the most populous generation in the history of our country are driving demand for medical professionals in nearly every community in America.

Life Expectancy

It’s a fact that people are living longer and longer on average, thanks to a great many advances in public health policy and medical technology. Americans have healthier habits, are more safety and health conscious, are more active, and subsequently live longer than they ever have in the past. Advances in medical and healthcare technology support much of this gain in overall life expectancy for a population that continues to age.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements

The passage and subsequent defense of the 2010 federal legislation known as the Affordable Care Act are driving more and more people into the ranks of the insured. These newly insured people are seeking medical care for a wide range of everyday, non-acute maladies, driving appointment wait times at understaffed clinics, hospitals, and private practices and helping to provide a climate ripe with opportunity for medical assistants, diagnostic technicians, and other healthcare professionals of all kinds.

Baby Boomers Retiring

Another factor contributing greatly to the unprecedented surge in active patients throughout the country is the Baby Boom generation reaching retirement age. The generation that swelled the U.S. population in the decades following the Second World War is approaching old age, and will need greater medical care than any generation that has preceded it.

Pursuing a Medical Assistant Career

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