6 Signs a Career in Paralegal is for You

6 Signs a Career in Paralegal is for You

Some might say choosing a career can be like trying to predict the future: you have to deal with situations that are still not happening and prepare yourself for a scenery that still doesn’t exist.

You must think about the opportunities you will have in the future, which school will give you the best education, where to go to school and what you like to do.

For that reason, it’s crucial to consider who you are and in what environment would you thrive and have fun working. If your passion includes working in the legal field, making an impact in the community and in the life of others, you should consider a career as paralegal.

These professionals help lawyers prepare for trials, and are critical for any lawyer firm. A paralegal adds value to legal practices and bring numerous benefits to them.

If you fit in the above mentioned, but you are still a little unsure if this is the right path for you, keep reading to learn more about signs that a career in paralegal is for you.

1. If you want to start fast

If you dream about working in the legal field but can’t afford waiting seven years to start working, a career as a paralegal offers you a fast track to achieve your goals. Most certification programs take two years to complete. At Campus, formerly known as MTI College, you can even take the second part of the program mostly online. Giving you more flexibility to finish your studies.

As a paralegal, you can choose to work in different fields, such as: domestic and family law, child support or personal injury. This allows you to pick the field you have more interest, and dedicate your work to that.

3. If you are passionate about helping people

This can be the perfect job for someone who wants to help people and make a difference. You will be playing an important part in people’s lives, helping lawyers to build cases that will affect them for years to come.

4. If you like to work with clients

Paralegals are always in contact with people. Even though you will be working under the supervision of a lawyer, you may constantly have direct contact with clients, interviewing them and preparing them for depositions. You will also work with clients to collect necessary documents about the case, and you will be the point of contact during the process.

5. If you like challenges

To thrive as a paralegal you will have to be a skilled problem-solver and stay on top of the changes in laws and legal trends. That can be a challenge for some people and a motivation to others. As a paralegal, you will have to become an expert in the legal area you are working for, and also master some other skills such as researching and successfully communication to others.
You may find challenges at work everyday, but that gives you an opportunity to grow and build a successful career.

6. If you have passion for the law

This goes without saying. You will be working with the law on a daily basis. Being passionate about it will actually make your job easier.

Most wanted skills in paralegals

After reading the list, you may be thinking that a career in paralegal is the right one for you. You may have felt a connection with all the six signs, but are still in doubt whether you have the right abilities to become a paralegal.

The most wanted skills for paralegals are:

Organization skills: every document a paralegal handle is important for a case, and they should know exactly where to find them and where to properly store the document.

Communication skills: and this includes writing and oral. Paralegals are expected to compose documents and speak with clients on a daily basis. In order to make that happen, you must have great communication skills.

Ability to work with details: paralegals must be very careful with details since they are handling sensitive and confidential information. A minor mistake can make a huge negative impact in the legal field.

Time management: achieving or beating deadlines are crucial for paralegals. Missing a deadline can directly affect a case.

Research abilities: doing research is a big part of the paralegal’s job. Some might consider the base of a paralegal’s career profile. You will need to keep up to date with new and amended laws through research and dedication.

Some of the previously cited skills come easily to some people, but not to everyone. However, you must remember that most of those skills can be learned through proper education.

You can learn how to communicate better with others and the right way to speak with clients. Don’t let the skills you don’t already have keep you from pursuing your dream. Keep in mind that a well-rounded education can help you achieve your goals to successfully launch your paralegal career.

A career in paralegal can be a start

It’s important to know that a career in paralegal can be very fulfilling and bring you recognition in your field. You might even start your own business, as an independent paralegal who contracts with several different attorneys, after you have enough experience.

However, launching a career as paralegal can make the path to become a lawyer easier, if that’s your true dream.

You will not only be learning about the practice while dealing with real cases, but also law schools usually consider your work as paralegal as a strong experience and also a proof that you are truly committed to a career in the legal field. This information can work in your favor when trying to be accepted into a law school.

What is required to become a paralegal?

The best way to launch your career as paralegal is by getting a good education. Most employers who hire paralegals look for professionals who have a paralegal certificate or degree from an American Bar Association approved institution. Those professionals typically have better paying jobs and can find placement easier.

Earning professional certification can be very helpful when looking for a placement in the legal field.

There are multiple certificate organizations (National Association of Legal Assistants, National Federation of Paralegal Associations, American Bar Association, American Association of Paralegal Education) schools use to guarantee their students can practice as a capable paralegal.

A strong education will increase your chances to find better job opportunities and launch a successful career as a paralegal.

Campus trains students to enter the legal world with the skills the legal field is looking for. Campus instructors are seasoned professionals who can share experiences and insights that will be crucial for your preparation to become a paralegal.

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