Campus Student Panel Feature: Meet Tarik L.

Campus Student Panel Feature: Meet Tarik L.
Recruiting students from across the U.S., Campus is the new alternative to online community college. We’re on a mission to maximize access to a world-class education to set students up for success no matter what their next step is. Read on to learn about our students’ unique experiences.

We gathered a few Campus Scholars to join us for a virtual student panel back in March to share about their journey to Campus and their overall experience in the online associate in business program, and Tarik L., a career-minded New York native, gave us a little more insight into how Campus can help other like-minded people start building their professional foundation.

What were your initial thoughts when you came across the online Campus program?

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

Tarik: I was looking for career preparation, something that could increase my likelihood of career advancements…When I saw Campus for the first time, I saw lots of values that align with my own personal values. I said, “Let me give this a shot!” I was always thinking about going to college and this was the best route to do so.

How do you balance going to school online with other aspects of your life?

Tarik: I work seven days a week. I have two part-time jobs. In a way, I try to allocate my brain to homework assignments right after class because the topic is fresh on my mind. I like to use Cornell notes style for my note-taking, and a good thing about Campus is that you can go back to the lecture recording and see what was spoken about!

Tell us about a class or teacher that has made a great impression on you.

Tarik: Last year: Dr. Alyssa Lowery’s Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking. I really enjoyed going to office hours and having conversations about different philosophical concepts, like what is truth? Having someone who can challenge my thinking and show me different ways of viewing the world and simple concepts that we just walk past without seeing how much bigger they are.

I also really liked our English professor, Dr. David Sackris. Even though it was an English class, we touched on a lot of philosophical concepts. I really just enjoy philosophical thinking – or, I discovered that I enjoy it. Before Campus, I was never really thinking about philosophy, but now I have the philosophical bug!

What are you aspiring to do with Campus?

Tarik: Before I started at Campus, I had a specific school in mind: the School of General Studies of Columbia University. Columbia is an Ivy League, Barack Obama went there, and it’s very intimidating. I liked the School of General Studies because it was for individuals who are nontraditional college students who maybe took a couple of years off after high school. I had that goal to attend, but I didn’t think I had what it took to go there.

But now, I feel like I have at least a better foundation. I know what I should do to be a Columbia student, or whatever four-year college I decide to finish my undergraduate degree in. At Campus, I’ve built and forged the different tools needed to be a successful student.

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Tarik’s story is one we love to hear. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and all of our students! If anything Tarik mentioned resonated with you, check out our online business program by visiting our Program Page or you can explore one of our other scholar’s inspiring testimonials.

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