Winter 2023 Campus Academic Awards: Dean’s List & Chancellor’s Circle

Winter 2023 Campus Academic Awards: Dean’s List & Chancellor’s Circle

March 30 marked the end of the Winter 2023 term for Campus students, and we’re excited to share our latest Campus-wide academic award honorees and congratulate them on behalf of the Campus community.

These honors are intended to acknowledge our students’ hard work and commitment to excellence, to encourage them to persist in their rewarding efforts, and to simply let them know that their resilience and academic pursuits are not going unseen by Campus faculty and staff.

We are pleased to announce the following awards and honorees for Winter 2023.

Dean’s List:

This award is for students who achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher in a given quarter in the form of a certificate.


  • Bethany S. (Summer '22)
  • Chelsea M. (Winter '23)
  • Gregory C. (Winter '23)
  • Hope B. (Fall '22)
  • Karina O. (Fall '22)
  • Laura M. (Fall '22)
  • Lesli L. (Winter '23)
  • Tarik L. (Fall '22)
  • Zubair A. (Summer '22)

Chancellor’s Circle:

This award is for students who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher after completing at least two quarters as part of the Campus online associate degree in business program. Students who are honored into the Chancellor’s Circle are also extended an invitation to key Chancellor’s Circle support and programming in addition to a certificate.


  • Alex J. (Fall '22)
  • Camryn K. (Summer '22)
  • Hannah B. (Winter '22)
  • Jamora W. (Fall '22)
  • Josephine L. (Winter '22)
  • Princess W. (Spring '22)
  • Sylvia S. (Summer '22)

Congratulations, Campus Students!

We are extremely proud of the Campus community and are happy to provide this recognition to those excelling academically. Outstanding academic accomplishments and supporting one another to the top are key parts of Campus student culture. With this celebration of academic triumphs and an environment of mutual support, we look forward to the heights our students can achieve together.

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