Technical Support Careers

Technical Support Careers

With nearly every business and organization reliant on computers and other technologically driven systems these days, technical support specialists are in increasingly high demand. They are vital in providing important and crucial information and assistance to both individuals and organizations utilizing computer software or hardware.

They may go by any one of a number of names, but regardless of their area of specialization as either computer network support specialists or computer user support specialists, they earn a good wage and enjoy relatively high job security and opportunities for advancement.

Technical support specialists work in evaluating and testing existing network systems; they perform scheduled maintenance on networks, troubleshooting problems with both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs); they assist in the analysis of network architecture and efficiency, and work to solve IT issues across organizations and networks both in-person and remotely through phone calls or emails.

They also assist in the set up and repair of hardware and related devices, work with employees to teach new computer hardware or software, assist in the analysis of proprietary and purchased software and systems, and provide network architects and administrators with feedback regarding problems that have been reported commonly throughout the organization.

Technical Support Training

Due to the demand for a wide-ranging set of skills in technical support careers, there are many routes into these occupations. Some employers only require post-secondary certification for some positions, but educational requirements can vary from organization to organization and position to position, with some requiring master’s level education. Some background in computers, or class work in computer or software engineering, will be required at the very least.

Additionally, as technology, systems administration, hardware and software are constantly evolving, additional ongoing education and certification may be necessary to remain employed long-term. Many of the larger software producers provide training and certification as new software comes into the market, and many colleges and other institutions provide ongoing education for technical support specialists.

Job Outlook With Technical Support Careers

Technical support specialists enjoy a good salary and an excellent job outlook. Over the next decade, the employment of computer network support specialists and computer user support specialists is expected to grow at a rate higher than the average for all occupations. As more and more organizations and businesses onboard increasingly complex technology, networks, and systems, they are projected to need larger and better-educated technical support specialists to execute upgrades, train staff, and troubleshoot technological problems.

Additionally, with the rise in cloud computing, technical support specialists are expected to occupy positions that are instrumental to organizational success in every region of the country, and throughout multiple industries. The expected growth of the healthcare industry as the baby boom enters old age is projected to drive job growth in this sector, as well.

Technical Support Career Training at Campus

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