Benefits of IT Certifications

Benefits of IT Certifications

There is an ongoing debate in some circles, as to the relative worth of professional certifications in general, and IT certifications specifically. The argument from one camp typically goes something like: Certifications only exist to earn money for certifying bodies; or, earning certifications only shows that you can pass multiple-choice tests, not that you can do your job.

Regardless of the argument, credentials, and the alphabet’s worth of letters that go along with them, certifications in technology are highly important for landing industry jobs. This is the case for a simple reason: the tests that candidates have to pass to earn certifications represent a bar of entry to the IT field. And while that may not signify much once you are in the industry, you should be able to pass in order to land a job in the first place.

Educational Requirement for IT Certifications

The education required to earn certifications in various aspects of the tech sector has inherent value in itself. Furthermore, the ordered preparation typically required to prepare for exams lends itself to gaining a base of knowledge and then expanding upon it in a way that’s crucial to learning a discipline. This is especially important for people looking to break into the industry without related work experience, or formal education beyond test prep.

Technology certifications are also important to further an established career in any one of a number of technology-based careers. Regardless of the amount of work experience and hands-on training someone may have, ongoing education is a very important part of remaining vital in technology-oriented careers.

The requirement for ongoing certification and testing is a major driver of ongoing education in the industry. There are those who feel that attending the preparatory classes should be enough to insure ongoing education, however, certification is a necessary step toward insuring the understanding and retention of class materials. Those who don’t pursue ongoing education in their field and the certification that goes along with it put themselves in a position of jeopardy, regarding the perceived value of their work and their capacity to get and retain work.

What Technology Certifications Really Mean

Technology certifications are more than simple pieces of paper. Along with every certification comes an increased breadth and depth of specialized knowledge, including the latest advancements in technology and technological systems, the most current data on best practices and risks, and the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a course of instruction and passing a test of your earned knowledge. IT certifications may simply be a ticket to entry into the industry for some positions and companies, but they can and should be so much more.

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