Technology Opportunities around Silicon Valley

Technology Opportunities around Silicon Valley

The capital city of California is located a two-hour drive northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has become an attractive location for individuals seeking the education and training needed for tech opportunities in Silicon Valley. Excellent jobs are available for those with the right training, and Sacramento is a favorable location for completing these credentials. Relatively lower costs of housing and tuition draw students who want to learn application development, network administration and technical help desk support.

Enrolling in a Sacramento Computer Technician Program

Two of the most popular concentrations in this program are network administration and technical support. Students working towards a computer networking credential will first study the basic terminology and how all network components work together. They later learn how to detect and correct connectivity errors in various computing environments. Completion of a good Sacramento computer technician program indicates complete knowledge of wired and wireless technologies, such as TCP/IP and 802.11.

Receiving Sacramento Application Development Training

Application development for mobile computing is an additional career option for interested computer technology students. Apps have extensive uses in many different fields, and talented developers continue to create and improve them for users to accomplish more in less time. Enrolling in a Sacramento application development training program entails studying basic algorithm development and notation. Prior knowledge of a high-level computer programming language is helpful, but it is not required. Students also study the differences in the most popular mobile operating systems and their associated application development processes. Application developers should also expect to keep investing in continuing education to update their skill sets as technologies change over time.

Advantages of Tech Training in Sacramento

Demand for skilled technology workers in these fields is expected to keep growing in the coming decades. Silicon Valley still offers high numbers of well-paying job opportunities for workers with the right knowledge and skill sets. Sacramento offers plenty of educational resources for this training in close geographic proximity. New students enrolling in one of these training programs should expect to earn a credential in approximately 10 to 12 months, though some fast-track programs offer completion in as little as six months. Another component of this technology training is a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on practice. Some courses offer both of these instruction formats while others do not, which is an important consideration when comparing Sacramento application development or computer networking educational programs.

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