Campus Earns Military-Friendly Designation for 2022-23 School Year

Campus Earns Military-Friendly Designation for 2022-23 School Year

Campus, formerly known as MTI College, has earned the 2022-2023 Military Friendly® School designation according to

What does this mean if you are a US military veteran seeking higher education?

Over 1,800 schools participated in the 2022-23 survey. Additional public data was used to evaluate and assess the secondary schools for designation and rank. Out of the 1,800+ schools assessed, only 665 schools earned awards levels of Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Methodology, criteria, and weightings were determined by Viqtory with input from the Military Friendly® Advisory Council of independent leaders in higher education. Final ratings were determined by combining the institution’s survey responses and government/agency public data sources within a logic-based assessment. We measure their ability to meet thresholds for Retention, Graduation, Job Placement, Repayment, Persistence, and Loan Default rates for all students and specifically, for student veterans.

Campus, formerly known as MTI College, earned a designation of MFS Friendly for 2022-23, with a rank of Silver, in the Non-traditional category.

What does a Military Friendly School Award measure?

Military Friendly® designations and awards are sourced from three categories by Viqtory, the parent organization. They use public data sources, proprietary survey data personal data from surveys of veterans themselves.

Their Military Friendly Advisory Council then gives guidance that includes diverse perspective on methodology. The data is sorted through a pre-determined algorithm, and results are audited by EY (Ernst & Young). The final awards are then published in GI Jobs magazine.

Measurement Components, according to the Military Friendly® Advisory Council

The website lists some characteristics that they quantify when they evaluate secondary schools for their efficacy in helping military veterans get a quality education.


“Commitment” is the first step of several sequential steps that compose a military friendly program at a college. When an organization sets policies that help military veterans, that is a commitment to act on these initiatives.


“Effort” is the second sequential step in establishing a military program at a college. Policy must be backed up by actions. Resources like staff, capital, time, and other tangibles are put forth towards a military program.


“Success” is the final sequential step that encompasses the results of a military program at an educational institution. Measuring the results of policy and effort must be done to evaluate the effectiveness of a program.


Sustainable programs have a duration of time where the benefit of the program are received by the veterans and military members. By providing long-term value, the program has return on investment for the institution. Programs are driven by the organizational commitment to the military service men and women. Unsustainable programs are fueled by political and charitable whims, which can shift as popular opinion changes.


A meaningful military program provides value to the entire community, lifting the participants, and giving benefit to the entire surrounding community. According to the website, “This is unlike a charitable donation which often benefits only a disaffected few. Meaningful also refers to the benefit being not an entitlement, but rather an opportunity. This is in line with our belief that the military community seeks a hand up, not a hand out.”


“Opportunity” refers to the belief that military veterans and spouses should have equal chance of proving themselves in the private sector. Organizations must work a bit harder to provide this opportunity to military members. Part of this is the effort to understand how military skills translate into civilian and private sector skills. The culture of the educational organization should welcome veterans transitioning from active service to civilian life, provide flexibility to military spouses, as well as to reserve and Guard members who move around or deploy into active duty. According to the website, “We believe this flexibility, support and investment is worth it because the return is a highly trained and dedicated veteran or military spouse employee, supplier or student.”

Campus is a Military Friendly® School

Consider the criteria listed above, and the award that Campus received in 2022-23. Campus makes a concentrated effort to help military veterans with their vocational career training, so they can advance in their civilian lives.

Final Words from Military Friendly’s National Director Josh Rosen

Mr. Rosen says of the Military Friendly designation awarded to the Gold, Silver, and Bronze schools, “Our ability to apply a clear, consistent standard to colleges creates a competitive atmosphere that encourages colleges to invest in programs to provide educational outcomes that are better for the Military Community as a whole.”

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