Why Choose Campus in Sacramento

Why Choose Campus in Sacramento

Community colleges give students the flexibility to explore several educational channels without having to invest the time or monetary commitment that four-year colleges and universities demand. For students in the Sacramento area, there are many junior colleges to choose from including Campus, formerly known as MTI College, and American River College. However, unlike other schools Campus offers a number of distinct programs that professionally prepare students for their future careers. Anyone planning to enter higher level education should research their options thoroughly before making a final choice, so here is what Campus has to offer over community colleges.

Career Training & Guidance

Campus’ high graduation rate and 90% training-related job placement rate* show that Campus graduates out-perform those coming from comparable programs, including American River College. In fact, Campus is so proud of its graduates that high achievers are eligible for its Guaranteed Graduate Program which vouches for the quality of a student’s expertise and promises to repay employers if they find a graduate less than satisfactory. For all students, however, Campus still offers on-going job placement assistance.

*Rate based on the number of graduates who registered for graduate placement services and secured employment in their field of study as well as those who did not register and successfully obtain employment on their own.

Personalized Attention

Students at Campus graduate quickly and on-time because we help them through the process. Become an Campus student and administrators will schedule your classes so you won’t have to worry about classes being full or not offered when you need them. In addition, your books will be delivered straight to you on your first day of class so you won’t have to wait in long bookstore lines or compare editions online.

Certification Preparation

Not only do we want you to pass, we want you to succeed. Campus’ Test Pass Assurance Program is geared specifically toward helping students earn their certifications through intense hands-on skills training. Certification preparation is a major emphasis at Campus, unlike at public community colleges such as American River College. Campus’ phlebotomy training program has earned one of the highest certification pass rates in the state. Our technology programs are backed by the knowledge and expertise of our academic partners such as Microsoft and VMware. Finally, working closely with Paul Mitchell, the internationally renowned hair care product manufacturer, our cosmetology career training program has achieved a 93% pass rate for the California State Board licensing exam.

With all of its advantages over other community colleges, Camp quickly becomes an easy choice to make…

Combined with other school features designed for student convenience, including free parking, small class sizes, and an available career guidance staff, it’s clear that graduates of Campus have a clear advantage over those attending other colleges like American River College.