Avery Blankenship teaches English at Campus

Avery BlankenshipAlso teaches Composition at:


Avery Blankenship

also teaches at:Northeastern

Ph.D. in English, Northeastern University, Expected 2025

M.A. in English, Northeastern University, 2020

B.S. in Computer Science, Rhodes College, 2018

B.A. in English, Rhodes College, 2018

Avery Blankenship teaches English at Campus
Meet Avery Blankenship

Professor Blankenship is a current PhD candidate at Northeastern University whose passion for teaching and English began at a very young age. As a student herself in English and Computer Science at Rhodes College, she felt that classrooms seemed to be built to work against students from marginalized backgrounds. Her teaching philosophy is centered around being able to instruct in a way that speaks to her students and meets their unique needs.

Today, her academic focus is on digital humanities, print and book history, and nineteenth-century American recipes and domestic manuals, her primary research focus. She is very passionate about social justice and women's rights, and she encourages her students to question systems of power both historically as well as contemporary to the digital world.

Feminist Scholar
Cat Lover
Community College Grad
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