Gurkiran Kaur teaches Business at Campus

Gurkiran KaurAlso teaches Business at:


Gurkiran Kaur

also teaches at:Brown

M. Sc. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Brown University, 2022

M. Tech in Enterprise Business Analytics, National University of Singapore, 2017

B. Tech in Electronics and Communications, GGSIPU, 2015

Gurkiran Kaur teaches Business at Campus
Meet Gurkiran Kaur

An artisan of data and a storyteller of its tales, Gurkiran Kaur (or “GK,” as her students call her) harmonizes the realms of art and science in pursuit of perfection. Schooled in Business Analytics, she decodes the language of data, offering pragmatic, data-led solutions that seamlessly translate to the business landscape. Her journey of seven years weaves through data science, analytics, AI implementation, and product and project management.

Kaur is also a co-founder of SK-AI Lab, a personal skincare revolution powered by machine learning. Apart from digital transformation and tech commercialization, her influence also radiates in academia, inspiring young minds at Brown University and Grand Canyon University.

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