Try College Program FAQs

Find the answers to all of your questions about our Try College program.
  • About Campus
  • Courses & professors
  • Student experience
  • Credit
  • Tuition
  • Key dates
  • For parents

About Campus

Is Campus accredited?
What is MTI College?

Courses and professors

Which professors teach in the Try College program?
When are the courses taking place?
How many classes may I take at once?

Student experience and academics

When is the add/drop deadline?
What if my student misses one or two class meetings?
Who else will be attending these classes?
What is covered during orientation?
What does a student success coach do?
What if a student wants a different coach?
What supplies does my student need to participate in the program?

High school and transfer credit

Will these credits be accepted by other colleges and universities?
How do I request transcripts?


How much is tuition?
Are there any other fees I should be worried about?

Key dates

When are applications due?
When is the enrollment deadline for the courses?
When is orientation?
When do the July classes begin?
When are finals?

For parents

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
As a parent/guardian, do I have access to my child's academic records?
I need help logging into/navigating in my student's Campus portal. What should I do?
Can I contact my child's instructor about course content, assignments and/or grading policy?
Can I request a grade progress report from my child's instructor?
What happens during crisis situations and emergencies?