Focusing on Personal Growth as a Professional Barber

Focusing on Personal Growth as a Professional Barber

There are many benefits to building your career in your barbering career, and there is intense power in focusing on your personal growth.

Personal growth is a continuous lifelong journey, and the same is true for barbers. By taking time to focus your skills and training, and building your career, you can develop your professional growth and attain increased success.

How Does the Barber Industry Support Professional Growth?

Barbering is a career that requires entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills. If you can't network with people and grow a dedicated client base, you won't succeed, that's just the reality. Being a barber allows you to express your creativity and meet new people, but it also forces you to be a professional, developing customer service skills and working with other professional barbers and clients.

How does the barbering industry support professional growth?

There is constant revitalization in the barbering industry, and many barbers are reigniting their passion for their craft. We want to look at some of the unique ways being a barber will help your professional and personal growth.

Continuing Your Barbering Education

One axiom of the hairstyling industry is that new styles and techniques are always emerging. To retain your competitive edge, you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends in men’s hairstyles and grooming and hone your barbering skills.

Stay informed about new tools and techniques as they come out by attending seminars and workshops. Conferences, expos, and online training will ensure you stay up to date and stay sharp as a barber who understands the latest styles.

Use Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many barbers improve their business management skills and become entrepreneurs with their own barbershop. By learning business administration, marketing, finance, and operations they acquire the necessary skills to run their own business.

This can allow you the financial freedom and flexibility you desire, you may even become a job creator in your community. You can choose whether to open a traditional neighborhood barbershop, or a higher-end men’s salon, the possibilities are limitless.

Finding a Work-Life Balance That Works for You

The barbering industry is in a resurgence, and many people are re-discovering their passion for men’s hairstyles and grooming. That said, modern-day barbers still must deal with work-life balance. Like everyone, barbers trade their skills and time for money, and may choose to work longer hours to earn more.

Barbering is a job where you are on your feet all day, cutting hair, talking with clients, and working on your personal brand. It’s important to think about work-life balance, manage your energy, and prioritize what makes the most sense for your own personal goals.

Remember Self Care

During the day as you work as a barber, be sure to       take breaks, so you can properly rest and relax your mind. During the course of each day, make sure to get plenty of rest, and make mental and physical preparation so you can handle the demands of the day’s work.

Reward yourself for a job well done each week with hobbies that make you happy. Being a professional barber is still a customer service job, so dealing with many clients each day can be mildly stressful at times.

Growing Your Client Base is All About People Skills

You’ll meet different people at your barbershop or salon, but the way to grow your client list is through interpersonal skills and customer service. When people find a barber they like, they are more likely to become a repeat customer. When you provide a great experience along with a good haircut, they can become a long-term client. Being a great people person will help you win long-term business and get customer referrals.

Maintaining Your Professionalism

How you present yourself is part of how you market your services. When your hair and beard is groomed perfectly, clients know they will receive the same level of skill when they sit in your barber’s chair.

Professionalism also extends to how you handle your workday when things aren’t perfect too. Customer service, dealing with demanding clients, and being a complete professional when you step on the barbershop floor are a big part of your personal brand.

Showcasing Your Creativity Through Hairstyles

Many barbers chose this career because they want a way to use their creative skills daily. Cutting hair, styling facial hair, and making men look their best is a way to tap into your creativity and artistry. You help transform people’s appearance, improving their self-perception and self-esteem, that’s incredibly powerful!

Every client is different, so your skills will always be put into practice. As new hairstyles are introduced, you might learn new and intricate methodologies of achieving a look, trimming beards, and cutting hair. When you see you clients look their best and know you helped make that happen, it’s an untouchable feeling for that inner creative inside you.

Career Options for Barbers

When you think of a barber, you probably picture them working in a barbershop. While many barbers do work in a traditional barbershop, there are other career options for barbers, including:

  • Men’s hairstylist (in a salon)
  • Television or film barber
  • Spa or hotel barber
  • Platform artist / platform stylist
  • Barber instructor
  • Traveling celebrity barber

The hairstyling industry is constantly changing, and it’s good to know there are several options for you as your career evolves.

Professional Growth as a Barber is a Journey

There is constant revitalization in the barbering industry, and many barbers are reigniting their passion for their craft. Creating exciting hairstyles for your clients while focusing on professional development requires continuous education and workshops, interpersonal skills, and savvy business acumen. Maintaining a healthy work life balance while working in the barbering industry, and growing your professional career is achievable with discipline and focus.

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