11 Signs You Should Enroll in a Business Administration Program

11 Signs You Should Enroll in a Business Administration Program

Some people are predisposed to follow a career in business, and their natural inclination leads them towards that path.

Whether that path is working in a family business, becoming an entrepreneur, or climbing the corporate ladder to become a linchpin within an organization, business leadership and management may be your chosen career.

How do you know if business administration is a natural path for you? We’ve put together a list of qualities and characteristics that often correlate to business leadership.

These are important questions for any student to ponder as they plan their career and find a place they naturally fit.

Why Should You Study Business Administration in College?

For many students, pursuing a business administration degree is a strategic choice, designed to give them a competitive edge as they begin their career and gain experience. Business administration degree programs from accredited colleges provide a foundation of knowledge and training that enable them to solve business problems.

Before committing to a business degree program, do the research, and find out what the curriculum will look like. Does it align with the long-term goals you have for your career? Will the training program give you the necessary skills to begin a career in business? If you are still unsure about whether a business administration program is the right choice, consider whether these following characteristics sound like you.

1. You Want Extensive Career Options

Many employers look for candidates with a business administration degree, knowing they will have the necessary skills to solve business problems successfully. A 2019 study by Old Dominion University showed that 83.2% of companies were looking to hire at least one candidate with a business degree.

This explains why business administration degrees are so popular – their versatility in the job market allows candidates to pursue different job opportunities or rise in the hierarchy within an organization.

All companies, corporations, and non-profits need people in key positions who are well-trained in business administration. These vital positions within the organization keep the machine running smoothly.

Because business administration degree programs train students in a full array of skills, experiences, and coursework, candidates are well-equipped to begin their business career upon graduation. As they gain experience, this adds to their qualifications for business management and leadership.

This overall training and experience will allow candidates to advance their career in ways that would not be possible without comparable qualifications. If you’re looking for a stable job, and the ability to leave your future career options open, business administration is an excellent choice for an educational program.

2. Commitment to Lifelong Learning

The ability to learn and adapt is paramount in business. There are many concepts and practical applications that you must learn to thrive in business school and a corporate setting. Finance, human resources, accounting, operations, marketing, and corporate policies are topics you will learn in business administration studies that carry into your business career.

Pursuing a career in business administration requires you to move out of your comfort zone and learn new things continuously. As technology changes, and markets change, businesses must also adapt to evolving best practices.

Learning skills and knowledge is never a one-time event. Business management is the ideal program to study if you want to challenge yourself to learn new things throughout your life and career.

3. Resilience Under Pressure

Can you keep a cool head under pressure? Business is a constantly changing dynamic. Things won’t always go as planned or anticipated. People who can make rational, calm decisions under enormous pressure tend to thrive long-term in business.

Resilience during challenging periods will help you be an asset to any company. When obstacles arise, if you can calculate risk assessment and make sound decisions, you will prove your value.

4. You Have a Goal-Oriented Personality

Goal achievement is a huge part of business initiatives. Managers and directors who can get their team to realize goals will almost certainly be recognized by corporate leadership.

If you already set goals for yourself, and are disciplined enough to achieve them, you might be well-suited for a career in business.

5. Drawn Towards Leadership

Do you find yourself drawn towards leadership roles in other areas of your life? Do people look to you for guidance? Do you have empathy for others, and listen to their needs? You may be naturally inclined to gravitate towards business management and leadership.

Business administration training gives you the strategies and techniques to help you become an efficient leader in any organization. A complete business administration degree program will prepare you for leading teams, making crucial decisions, and impart critical thinking skills needed for business leadership.

6. You Love Working with People

If working with others energizes you, business administration may be the perfect career path for you. Most organizations are structured to have different departments working in collaboration with one another. All businesses work with customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

At the end of the day, all business is person-to-person. Effective communication is perhaps the most essential skill for any businessperson. Networking, inter-departmental communication, delivering presentations, and working alongside colleagues is all part of the daily work as a business leader.

7. Business is Interesting to You

Does business fascinate you? If you find yourself following the stock market, business news, mergers and acquisitions, and reading business publications, business administration may be the perfect program for you to undertake.

If you spend your time thinking about how economic regulations affect companies and industries, or if you want to make an impact in the corporate world, business administration is an excellent way to learn even more about these subjects. By completing a business degree, opportunities to work directly with these things will be opened to you.

8. Data Analysis Fascinates You

Businesses are leveraging data more than ever. Analyzing data helps businesses find out what is and is not working within their organization. Collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting data can reveal trends and help data analysts make recommendations.

Even if you do not work specifically as a data analyst, it is highly probable that you will be presented with data and have to make decisions based on that information.

9. You Take Initiative as a Self-Starter

Some people have latent leadership qualities. They may not consider themselves natural leaders, but they are often the ones who take initiative in any given situation. Learning more about how organizations function and getting training in business management can help you become more comfortable leading teams and delegating tasks.

10. You’re a Team Player

Every organization achieves business goals through teamwork. From the tiniest startup to the largest corporate giants, keeping the team working toward the same objectives is how they achieve success.

With business training, leadership, and collaboration, department heads and business leaders move the organization towards the same goals.

You will rely on your teammates to complete tasks effectively, on time, to meet deadlines and reach goals. Working closely with vendors, strategic partners, and affiliates will also require a wide range of skills to complete goals.

Always remember that people are how businesses run smoothly and making sure they have what they need to complete their work is a business leader’s role.

11. You Can Think Quickly and Solve Problems

One of the most important attributes for a business leader is the ability to think on their feet, and make the correct decisions in a fast-paced environment.

Whether you work for a large corporation, a mid-sized business, or a non-profit organization, when you are in a key role, you will be responsible for solving problems and realizing business objectives.

When you can stay calm during a crisis, adapt to last-minute changes, and keep things organized, that a sign of leadership. Solving problems in an independent manner is critical to succeeding in a business management role.

If you enjoy a challenge, think analytically, and can see the big picture, while balancing the needs of stakeholders, co-workers, and partners, you will do well in a role of responsibility.

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