Campus Trailblazers Q&A Part 1: Favorite Classes and Professors

Campus Trailblazers Q&A Part 1: Favorite Classes and Professors
The Campus Trailblazers are the first students to enroll in the Campus online associate in business program. As the inaugural class, these students are, by nature, leaders and pioneers who chose Campus, the new online alternative to community college, as the stepping stone for their academic career.

In light of the Trailblazers having completed almost one full year at Campus, let’s check in on how things have been going! We (virtually) sat down with three students who were eager to share their experiences in our online degree program.

What has been your favorite class in the program so far?

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

Jae C.

I actually have two favorites. From the first quarter, my favorite was Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking. I loved the professor – she and I really clicked – and I really enjoyed the content of the class, like learning about philosophy and how to think critically about everything. If you ask Professor Lowery, I definitely had a couple of existential crises during that class! In a good way, of course.

The other class would be College Math. The professor just had this really good vibe. I loved her energy – it’s upbeat, it’s contagious, and I love it. She made it so that even if some of it was a review, it wasn’t a chore to be in that class. It’s never a chore to learn with her.

Josephine L.

I’m not someone who likes math and I was really nervous coming in and taking a college-level math course. I told my program advisors that I was super anxious about that class. But ironically, my favorite class is College Math!

It’s because of the fact that I had so much support in that class. I sat with a tutor twice a week, we had regular office hours, and then Professor Johnson, made sure that we all participated.

She paid attention to our faces.

For example, one night I had an “a-ha!” moment where I made a face at the camera. She saw me and said, “Oh, Josephine, that’s what I’m looking for! I see you’re connecting the dots!”

The professor was just completely different from any math professor I ever had. She really wanted to make it fun and wanted to make sure we really understood things before she moved on to the next.

Romeo D.

Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking from my first quarter in the program – that was my favorite. As a class, we related to the professor a lot due to her age and her being so up-to-date on cultural references. The class was difficult and challenging, but in a fun way. She really pushed us to think outside of the box.

I’ve taken philosophy classes before, but they were dull. This class, on the other hand, had group work that was actually fun. And there was always room to grow – it was mentally stimulating for me, which was perfect at the time because I was coming back into school after a long break. That was something I felt like I needed.

Then in my third quarter, my microeconomics teacher, Professor Helfrich, really made the class. He’s just amazing. All the examples that we use in class are real-life examples and current events, and any problems that I had, I could reach out to him and talk to him.

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The Trailblazers certainly had a lot to say about their favorite classes (and professors) in the Campus online business degree program! Want to attend classes like the ones they’ve mentioned? Apply now to be part of the next cohort in the Campus program today.

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